FAQ About Metal Fences

FAQ About Metal Fences

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When shopping for a new fence for your home or business you’ve probably got a list of questions, and if you don’t… you should. Having the right questions to ask and be answered will help you make the best decision and get the right fencing to do the job.

1. How long will my metal fence last?

Metal fences generally last between 15 and 20 years, depending on its protection. Our galvanised chain-wire fencing is a long lasting and durable product, and with modern powder-coating techniques, the fence can be even longer lasting and more attractive. Our Press Formed Spear top fencing is made with the latest finishing techniques which helps to ensure that it will last for decades of exposure to every kind of weather.

2. How can I protect my metal fence from corrosion?

Corrosion is a very valid concern, especially when fencing is installed near salt-water and other tough environments. By ensuring that your metal fencing has a protective layer on it, we can minimize the amount of corrosion and slow it down. All our metal fences have a protective layer on them, whether it’s galvanised steel which overlays the metal with a thin zinc coating which will corrode first, or a powder coating. Our Press Formed fencing is finished with a technique like cars, ensuring minimal corrosion over the years.

3. How can I maintain my fencing?

Like any other part of a property, fencing will benefit from regular maintenance as it will help keep it functioning well and maintain it’s appearance over the years. With our metal fences, giving them a good hose down once a year, more if a rough storm occurs, will help along with looking out for debris and promptly removing it. For more information read our DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Fence.

4. Can I install my own fencing?

Remembering that fencing is a key element for any type of property, keeping you and your valuables safe, you should make sure that you have a solid plan before starting any fencing projects. You’ll want to do your research, read any local laws for fencing regulations, choose the right materials for your project, and make sure you don’t build fencing that ends up locking you in or out of the property. Check out our blog post – Things You Should Know Before Building a Fence.

5. Which fencing type should I install?

When deciding which fencing type to turn to, consider some of the following:

6. How high can I build my fence?

While each state in Australia has its own law regarding fencing height, and some councils as well, residential fences in NSW should not exceed 1.8m. Commercial fences must not exceed 3m and if it is adjacent to a residential zone, at least 75% above 1.8m must be transparent. As with digging electricals, it is recommended that you contact the local council before building your fence.

7. How beneficial is powder coating?

Chainwire fences are strong and can last for decades, overtime though rust will set in and small openings in the powder coating can permit rust to form and develop. Having no powder coating will speed up that process as the metal has no protective layer. A steel fence that is not coated with zinc will typically rust after a week or two after installation. However, the thicker the coating on your fence, the greater the protection against rust.

8. Should I fix an existing damaged fence, or install a new one?

Whether you’ve bought an existing property with a fence, or are looking at buying a second-hand fence, knowing when it needs to be repaired or simply torn down and new one installed is important for any property owner. Simple fixes such as leaning posts, sagging chain mesh, or noisy hinges are relatively easy and cheap to fix. When you get to more complicated fixes such as broken or cut sections, it’s best to contact a fencing expert to help repair the damaged or install new sections.

Hire the Right Specialists

Hire the Right Specialists

Investing in the right type of fencing for your property will not only protect your assets for decades but will also add value and security to help you relax. Contact our team at Chainwire Fencing for all types of tube and mesh fencing, posts, and gates. All our fences are designed and built in Newcastle, NSW Australia. Call us today on 02 4023 5416 or email us at admin@chainwire-fencing.com.


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