Signs You Need Fencing Repair

Signs You Need Fencing Repair

Watch out for these signs and call your fencing specialist immediately.

Many homeowners and business establishments use fencing to elevate the overall look of their properties. Others use it to maintain privacy. However, the most important purpose and use of fencing is to boost security.

Given its integral role in your property, your fencing’s upkeep is vital and must always be a priority. But fencings are normally built to last and easy to maintain. Most fences are highly durable. So, how do you know when it’s time to repair a portion or your entire fence? In this article, we list down some of the signs that indicate it’s time to call a Newcastle fencing specialist.

Common signs indicating the need for fencing repair

Common signs indicating the need for fencing repair

Fencing is usually made of materials that are built to last yet easy to maintain. Chainwire fencing, in fact, requires little to no maintenance.

Still, natural occurrences, accidents, stray animals, even human activity can cause wear and tear to your fencing. Not even the strongest of materials can prevent causing damages to any fence. Responsible owners should regularly inspect their fencing and look out for signs of disrepair. Here are common signs suggesting that your fencing needs some TLC:

1. Leaning posts

Leaning posts indicate reduced sturdiness of your fencing. Posts are the backbones of most types of fencing. The whole fence cannot stand to protect you and your property without sturdy and upright posts. When they are leaning, it defeats the whole purpose of putting up the fence in the first place. Leaving leaning posts unrepaired creates the risk of the fence eventually falling down.

2. Sagging chain mesh

This is a direct effect of leaning posts on chainwire fencing. This is also one of the easiest signs to detect. When posts are not upright, the chainwire links tend to sag. Loose and sagging chain mesh allows easier entry and exit of unauthorised persons to your property, therefore compromising your security. Sagging chain mesh is also an indicator that the fence is starting to fall down.

3. Broken wooden boards

If you installed wooden fencing, broken boards are a common sign that you need immediate fencing repair. For one, it can cause injury to people, most especially to curious kids and animals. Second, it decreases the aesthetics of your property. Broken boards concentrated on a specific section of your fencing can still be repaired.

4. Loose nails or screws and noisy hinges

You should schedule regular inspection of the whole perimeter of the fence to check its integrity. Look out for loose nails and screws. These tiny components have a huge impact on the strength of your fence. If these components are fastened and complete, your fence will surely last longer.

Meanwhile, gates are used often and are therefore more prone to damage. Unaligned or damaged gates have noisy hinges. These hinges should be repaired and maintained so that the gate can be used with ease.

Holes, gaps, dents, or cracks

5. Holes, gaps, dents, or cracks

Small damage such as holes, gaps, dents, or cracks are classic signs that you need to repair your fencing. Allowing damage to become bigger and more serious also invites more expensive repair costs and burglary.

Statistics revealed that premises that show lack of activity are often targeted for burglary. Fencing with signs of disrepair could be interpreted as property without any activity, which could put you and other occupants at risk.

6. Discolouration

Fencing discoloration affects the aesthetics of your whole property. More than the cosmetic issue, discolouration can signal underlying problems. For instance, greying of wood could signify insect and mould infestation or drying out of the wood. Stains on wood fencing can also indicate water damage.

Another example is greenish hues on white vinyl fences, which can indicate algae growth. The formation of rust on metal fencing could mean that your fence needs new coating.

Hire the Right Specialists for your Fencing Repair Needs

Hire the Right Specialists for your Fencing Repair Needs

Have you seen the signs? Your next step should be to contract experts in fencing repair. While a little DIY to apply some TLC to your fencing does not sound too bad, some fencing repair can only be effectively done by licensed fencing tradies.

Contact our team at Chainwire Fencing for immediate and cost-effective repair. We have been serving Newcastle and Hunter for over two decades, and whether it’s a little fixing or a complicated repair, our specialists can help you get the job done. Contact us today to schedule your fencing repair.


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