Can You Install Fencing on Uneven Ground?

October 1, 2021 Types of Fences

Although more complicated, fencing installation on uneven ground is not impossible     Fencing a crucial element of a private property. It provides both security and privacy to property owners. Yet, many people find installing fencing complicated because many rural or urban properties sit on uneven ground. Still, a less-than-flat topography should not prevent property […]

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Regular Fences vs. Correctional Facility Fencing

October 9, 2017 Types of Fences

Correctional facilities need high quality fences to protect the general welfare of the personnel in the facility, prevent unauthorised exit of inmates, and at the same time, ensure that there is a humane environment. Because of the necessity to closely manage the perimeters of the facility, regular fences aren’t sufficient as they will not deter […]

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