Chainwire Fencing FAQ

August 9, 2021 Chainwire Fencing

So, you’re interested in installing Chainwire fencing for your property? It can be daunting and confusing at first to understand if it is the best solution for your needs, but we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions to assist in your decision. What is Chainwire fencing? A chain-link fence (also known as chain-link fencing, wire […]

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When to Use Sliding Security Gates

September 25, 2020 Chainwire Fencing

Everything you need to know about when to install sliding gates, how to use sliding gates and where to get the best sliding gates around! Sliding security gates are a popular way to protect residential and commercial property. Apart from the security they offer, security gates are often cost-effective and quite easy to use. If […]

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Why Chainwire Fencing is a Great Option for Your Fencing Needs

August 26, 2020 Chainwire Fencing

The top 5 reasons to consider chainwire fencing, what chainwire solutions to consider and how to get the best fencing solution sorted today! Installing a fence requires a lot of decision-making because there are many factors to consider. Whether you need a fence for your residence or business, you need to evaluate all your options. […]

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How is Chainwire Fencing Used In and Around Sports Grounds?

March 31, 2020 Chainwire Fencing

Sport is an integral part of Australian culture. Sports activities help create stronger, healthier and happier communities. They bring people together and provide healthy social interaction. Sports grounds are beneficial for communities. It is, therefore, just as essential to keep it safe and protected through fencing. Why Sports Grounds Need Fencing Sports grounds fencing is […]

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How to Choose Chain Wire Fencing Products

October 23, 2019 Chainwire Fencing

Wire material and coating and mesh size are some of the aspects to consider. Different fencing requirements call for different fencing products. The choices can be overwhelming, and deciding which one is best can be confusing, especially for the inexperienced. With different varieties to choose from as well as different materials and types, we want […]

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When to Consider Chainwire Fencing

November 28, 2018 Chainwire Fencing

Fences are meant to help secure our homes and properties from a range of disasters and other risks. But have there been there instances where you’ve thought about changing your fence? Common reasons that would make you consider replacing your fence with a different style include: 1. Pests If your property is surrounded by a wooden […]

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Understanding Various Chainwire Fence Coatings

June 5, 2018 Chainwire Fencing

Every type of fence needs coating to prevent or delay corrosion, and chainwire fences are no exception. Through the years, however, numerous questions and misconceptions have developed over various kinds of coatings. These have led to confusion and, eventually, undesirable results after the order has been made. You’ll want to spare yourself the hassle. To […]

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National Construction Review Feature

May 15, 2018 Chainwire Fencing

We have recently been featured in the Australian National Construction Review magazine for our work on the GWH Build project Aero Apartments on Hunter Street, Newcastle. The Australian National Construction Review showcases Australia’s Major Construction Projects and is read by major building companies, developers, consultants, suppliers, general contractors, and government building departments. The magazine shares […]

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Reasons to Install Chainwire Fences for Enclosures and Cages

April 14, 2018 cages, Chainwire Fencing, Fencing

The most popular uses of a chainwire mesh are fencing, enclosures, and cages. A chainwire mesh is used to fence livestock and to protect them from unwanted and stray animals, and wildlife. It is also used to define a property’s boundaries and to protect families, businesses, and homes. The next two most common uses of […]

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Security Benefits of a Chainwire Fence

A chainwire fence, also known as a chain link fence or a chainmesh fence, is usually made from stainless steel, oxidised for strength and durability. Chainwire fencing is becoming a popular choice due to its many benefits when it comes to installation, maintenance, and security. Security is the primary issue and the main reason why […]

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