We design, manufacture and install a wide variety of bollards for standard or custom made purposes. Our range can be made in a range of finishes and materials, feel free to consult us about your requirements. All steel bollards are provided with a highly visible, safety yellow powder coat finish as standard but other colours are available when you order.


Available for bolt down or in-ground applications for use in car parks, factories, warehouses, fire-exits, and as ram-raid deterrents we manufacture these sturdy bollards in a number of diameters to suit your requirements.

Suitable for car parks, fire-exits, ram-raid or light industrial use, our 90mm standard duty steel bollard has a wall thickness of 4.0mm and 940mm high.

Where heavy vehicle traffic is common such as loading docks, freight yards and bus depots, we manufacture bollards with diameters of 140mm or 165mm. A wall thickness of 5.0mm and a height of 1100mm provide better protection to both property and personnel.

For special applications, heavy duty bollards can be manufactured with a diameter of 219mm, a wall thickness of 6.4mm at 1100mm high.

Additional options for your fixed bollard order include modifications to diameter or height; eyelets for chains; removable cap for concrete filling; custom colours; and/or plain hot-dip galvanised finish.

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In areas where restricted or selective access is required a removable bollard is a convenient solution. Typically a two piece design, these bollards consist of a sleeve that is concreted into the ground and a post, or stem that is secured to the sleeve.

Available as either padlock or key-operated, these bollards are made in two sizes-90mm or 140mm diameter and are supplied with lifting handles for easy removal and two options to cover the hole when the bollard is removed. Post holders and hangers are available for storage of the posts when not locked in. Optional extras available are chain attachment rings and roller door clamps.


Ideal for pedestrian and occasional light vehicle egress, the low traffic model features a flip-top lid that folds down over the sleeve when the post is removed. This lid is vulnerable to heavy vehicle damage so for frequent vehicle access we suggest the high traffic sleeve that has the locking mechanism slide back into the sleeve when the padlock is removed. A removable galvanised steel plug fits into the sleeve to prevent damage to pedestrians and tyres.

Where an in-ground sleeve is not possible, a bolt-down bollard has a base plate with cambered edges and countersunk fixing holes sits at just 10mm high. The hinged lid padlocks to the stem to create a barrier to vehicle access and folds flush in the base when the post is removed. Ideal for suspended slabs where an in-ground sleeve is not suitable.

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Bollards -


Made of mild steel, and where a high degree of security is necessary, this system uses an internal locking mechanism to secure the post to the sleeve and, without power tools, it is inaccessible from the exterior. Whether you want the bollards to be keyed alike or individual locks per bollard, discuss your requirements to provide the level of key security as required.


Highly visible with a 150mm wide face these 800mm high stem bollards can be customised with various labels or personalised text. An in-ground mounting kit is available for bitumen surfaces. When the stem is collapsed it lays flat at 85mm high. Collapsible bollards are available with padlock or key options. The keys may be keyed alike on request and two keys supplied per unit as standard with further keys available on request.


For convenience these posts are stored in the ground. Choose padlocks or key-operated, retractable bollards offer medium to high security with a wall thickness of 4.0mm, a 114mm diameter and above ground height of 900mm. Select the in-built handle or secure the post from unauthorised use with a t-bar handle.


Available in diameters and heights to suit your needs, our standard range of 304 grade stainless steel bollards are manufactured for applications where aesthetics is a consideration such as protecting freezers in a supermarket. With a flat cap, fittings suited to in-ground or bolt down installations and finished to level 4, stainless steel bollards are available in fixed, retractable, removable and bolt-down models suited to padlock or keyed operation with an option to upgrade to 316 grade stainless for marine and coastal environments.