Looking for a way to make your house more secure without compromising the aesthetics of your home? Attach some security grilles to your windows for a timeless look with maximum security.

Security grilles are attached to the exterior windows in your home to add extra security. They are custom made to fit the windows in your home and act as an extra barrier of protection between your home and intruders. Security grilles can be made from a variety of materials depending on your individual preference. This may include steel, wrought iron, aluminum or alloy.


There are two choices when choosing security grilles for your home; fixed or hinged grilles.
Fixed grilles are a great choice for those wanting to implement a permanent security solution to your home. Fixed grilles allow the windows to be opened without the ability for them to be removed without the use of heavy tools.
Hinged grilles are a lighter option as they can be swung open when necessary. This is most suitable when considering fire safety where you may need to use the window for exiting. Even though hinged security grilles can be swung open, they can also be locked for maximum security.
Security grilles are a great option if you are wanting to improve on the security of your home. Perhaps you may be travelling and want the extra security while you’re not home.

Security Grilles -


Security grilles come in a number of different colour options. They can be powder coated in a colour that compliments your home aesthetic. There are also many different designs of security grille available. These can vary from simple and plain, to a more decorative or statement piece for your window. You can also elect to have the security grilles on your windows match the decorative detailing on the exterior of your home or your front door.