Metal grates perform important functions within our society and building industry. Chainwire Fencing Specialist know and respect this, and are experts at producing high quality, built-to-last grates for every application.

Premium grade grating is so important that they are often required by federal and local laws to be included in building designs where relevant. This is especially common in commercial or industrial settings where liquids or fine debris on paths and walkways could pose serious safety risks to workers and visitors. These laws also apply to public spaces, especially in regards to guttering, storm water drains and sidewalks. In this context, metal grates allow liquid and debris to drain through them, preventing slippery or unstable walking surfaces for people and workers, and ultimately averting life-threatening accidents.

Air flow is another important and common use for metal grates, and we can fabricate grates to fit perfectly into your steel wall frames to provide proper ventilation for every building. Metal grates installed for ventilation purposes don’t have to be drab – often they are used as beautiful design feature of the building. Our fabrication specialists love to get creative, and can supply you with a range of decorative but structurally durable and sound metal grates.

Because of their potential for decoration and versatility in structure, metal grates are often used for other purposes such as shading, ramp walkways, outdoor stairways and handrail support.

Chainwire specialist boast a full range of metal grating options, and these include (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • Heavy duty gratings
  • Trough grates (also known as trench grates)
  • Bar grates
  • Stair treads
  • General metal grates
  • Stainless Steel grates
  • Floor Grates
  • Ornamental grates
  • Walkways & ramp grating
  • Safety barriers
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Our fabricators can offer grates in several types of materials, including:

  • Aluminium – perfect for lightweight applications, where the risk of rust is a concern and/or appearance of the structure is important aesthetically. Aluminium is a beautiful metal element in design, and easy to manoeuvre and work with.
  • Stainless steel – This type of metal grating best suits outdoor applications where salt or moisture exposure is a concern, but is structurally required to be highly durable and load bearing.
  • Steel – Best used when exposure to the elements is not an issue, and usually for industrial or commercial applications where durability and ability to bear loads is of importance.

The finishes we can offer on our metal grates range from aesthetic choices, to functional ones. Brushed or mirror finishes on steel and aluminium options can be a stunning design element, while powder coating, rubber coating and painting can help make surfaces more visible and less slippery.

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No matter the type of grate you’re looking for, whether it’s for home or business – we have got you covered with our comprehensive range and our expert team. Queries are always welcome, and you can contact one of our knowledgeable team members today for a chat and an obligation free quote.