At Chainwire Fencing we can custom build single cages or a run of connected enclosures to meet a range of requirements.

  • Custom-designed to your size and material requirements
  • Protection, storage or mobility
  • Galvanised material, hot dip galvanised, aluminium or steel
  • Permanent or temporary


Whether your equipment is in a publicly accessible area; or located within your property or vehicle, a cage will deter theft, tampering, vandalism and prevent accidental damage or misuse.


  • Hot water systems
  • Air conditioners
  • LPG bottles
  • Pool chemicals
  • Weed killers


  • Tenant lockups
  • Employee lockers
  • Tools
  • Yard and waste clean ups
  • Moving house

Whatever size is required, Chainwire Fencing can build lockable secure cages with hinged or removable panels that allow access for maintenance or storage.


Permanent enclosures around entry points in buildings not only control unauthorised access to places such as pharmaceutical warehouses, evidence lockers or sensitive data storage areas but can act as a waiting zone for service crew, couriers, truck drivers, or the general public to reduce uninvited intrusions.

Additionally, smaller units or dispatch lockers can be permanently attached to external areas for after-hours deliveries, employees or when isolation protocols are initiated.


Typically cages are ordered for transporting pets in a car or on public transport to the vets; to breed shows or to public exercise areas. We also fabricate larger enclosures for short or long term vacation care; mobile containment cages for breed shows and for quarantining new or sick animals; or collapsible outdoor exercise areas to safely contain your loved house pets.


Barricades can be evaded so for those events where security is essential we can design, make and supply sturdy temporary and permanent enclosures such as secure checkpoints to your specifications for sporting events, music festivals or public facilities where crowd control is essential.

Cages and Enclosures -


With the primary purpose of moving volumes of stock from storage areas to other locations on the same premises, we can fabricate trolley carts and cages for your warehouse, department or convenience store. Bring your own plans or work with Chainwire Fencing to design your mobile stock carts in a configuration that suits your workplace.

We will work with you to skillfully design, fabricate and install the configuration that suits your purpose from a range of materials and finishes.

  • aluminium, steel and stainless steel
  • galvanised, hot dip galvanised, powder coated, painted or zinc coated
  • chain wire, wire mesh
  • standalone, wall or ground mounted
  • removable panels or
  • slidable or hinged doors
  • lockable – padlock, key or electronic locks
  • flexible hinge placement
  • temporary – take down or collapsible
  • permanent or mobile
Cages and Enclosures -

Whether you are protecting property, people or animals, make Chainwire Fencing Specialists your first choice. We take our manufacturing seriously, and understand that premium quality, locally made products are in demand.

We will always go above and beyond to make sure we design the product to suit your requirements. Get in contact with us today and let us help you build the enclosure you need!