Want to complete your fence with a custom-made sliding or swinging gate? Want to add value and change the aesthetics of your home? Gates can add a touch of elegance and class to your home as well as maximise security. Gates come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be custom made to suit the needs of the premise. From simple and traditional, to stylish and contemporary designs, there is a gate to suit all your required needs.


There are two different types of gates available. These include sliding gates or swinging gates.

Sliding gates are generally a better option if you are limited on space at the premises. As they slide along the fence line, this style takes up less space. Sliding gates are also more suitable for wider access driveways because they have their weight balanced by a running floor track and thus don’t sag under their own weight.

Swinging gates are considered safer options as there is not as many moving parts, meaning they are more utilised at parks, shopping centres and public places. Swinging gates can also swing either direction, making flexibility available to customers. As swinging gates have fewer moving parts, they are also generally a cheaper option than sliding gates.

Gates and Brackets -
Gates and Brackets -

Are you wanting to install a contemporary yet functional gate on your premises? Look no further than Chainwire Fencing Specialist. As master fabricators, our team can create stylish and modern metal gates using the highest quality steel and aluminum, manufactured in our Toronto factory. Chainwire Fencing Specialist can arrange the whole process from manufacturing to installation and automation. Contact us today for a hassle free quote.


Chainwire Fencing can fabricate and supply various types of brackets for your fencing needs.

Available in galvanised, aluminium and stainless steel, anodised, powder coated or painted.

  • Ball bearing hinges with brackets
  • Angle brackets for top rollers
  • L-brackets
  • Heavy duty angle brackets
  • Shark fin brackets
  • U Brackets
  • Saddle brackets
  • Pergola purlin brackets
  • Post brackets
  • Post brackets – side mounted
  • Standard fence brackets
  • Double sided fence brackets
  • Pool brackets
  • Lug fence brackets
  • Flat top fence brackets
  • Square top rail mirror wall brackets
  • Handrail brackets
  • Security fence school brackets
  • Top roller with brackets – including 4 white rollers

If you require brackets for any of your gates contact Chainwire Fencing today and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you to find the appropriate bracket for the job.