Steel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending and assembling steel to create structures. Steel fabrication, as with most other manufacturing processes, utilises human labor as well as automation from machinery.


Steel fabricators use a variety of techniques to transform sections of steel in the defined shapes that can be used to make larger structures. There are a few basic processes used by steel fabricators. These processes have become a lot simpler in recent times with the advancements in technology and high-tech computer software. Designs are able to be inputted into computer software to be utilised to make cutting and processing easier.


Fabricators use a variety of tools to cut pieces of steel to length prior to further fabrication. These include using circular saws, flame cutters or plasma cutters.


Many of the modern structure that are seen in the world have beautifully curved designs made from steel. These curves and arches are made by using a serious of rolling and bending techniques. Steel materials can be fed through numerous bending rollers until the desired curve is achieved for example.


The main component of steel fabrication is welding. It is the process of melting metals together at high heat to attach and then cooling to cause fusion. Fabricators utilise welding processes to attach different elements of a structure together.


We can utilise steel to make numerous structures including;

• Beams and columns for commercial and residential structures
• Bar joists
• Platforms for use in workshops or construction
• Metal trussing
• Grates

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