Need a fence in Cameron Park?

Cameron Park, Australia is a suburb of Newcastle known for the Newcastle Kart Racing Club Track. Adrenaline Go Karts is Newcastle’s biggest fastest and most exciting two-stroke go-kart hire track. Safety is a huge factor on the race track. Keeping the race track confined and blocked off from pedestrians is necessary for the safety of spectators. […]

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Are all chain-link fences the same?

July 6, 2016 Fencing, Uncategorized

You probably think chain wire fences are best suited for commercial premises and institutions such as schools, hospitals or even public parks. Though sturdy and durable, when compared to pickets or board fences, they lose the beauty pageant hands down and cannot therefore replace the trusted wooden fence at your home. That’s where you’re wrong. […]

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Common Fencing Mistakes People Make when Doing it Themselves

If you are the kind that loves to do it yourself and have decided that your next project will be adding a new fence to your property then this post is for you. Doing it yourself can be as challenging as it is rewarding and knowing some of the common fencing mistakes that get people […]

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Where it all Began – Chainwire Fencing

Are you confused when it comes to knowing what kind of fencing is suitable for your property? There are so many options available, but if you want to watch little Johnny playing in the yard while you wash the dishes, stop would be thieves from entering your car yard or tennis balls from leaving the […]

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Chain Link Gate Latches

June 4, 2015 Uncategorized

The chain link fence does two things. It either keeps something in a location, or it keeps something or someone out. Often it will combine these functions, but what ever the intent of the fence, without a means to get through the fence when needed, the fence becomes an even bigger obstacle than intended. It […]

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Does Your Chainwire Fence Need Tightening?

May 18, 2015 Uncategorized

Chainwire material is usually durable and long lasting. The fence wire is galvanised, producing an almost corrosion proof material. However, with the passage of time the wire weave of the fence relaxes causing it to sag. Chainwire mesh may also lose tension due to constant climbing or from the pressures of intense weather. Chainwire Fence […]

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Historic Fencing

January 10, 2015 Uncategorized

The need for Chainwire fencing arose when ancient man realized that he had something worth protecting. This is commonly believed to coincide with the earliest development of agriculture. If a man was going to put the effort into preparing a field (plowing with a stick for crying out loud) sow seeds and tend the crop […]

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A Permanent Fence That Looks Permanent

December 4, 2014 Uncategorized

Obviously, we are huge fans of Chain-wire fence. It is a product with a lot of advantages. It is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, which we can pass on to our customers. The pieces are somewhat compact before installation, which helps to ease transport and installation. The installation is usually straight forward, and the flexibility of […]

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Chainwire Powder-coating

November 29, 2014 Uncategorized

You can understand why we think chainwire fencing is wonderful stuff. Put together with through a mechanised industrial process, the fencing simply does what it is intended to do, and does it economically with little need for fuss or maintenance. Chainwire fencing can be installed in a number of applications because it is flexible and […]

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours: The Wildlife Factor

October 21, 2014 Uncategorized

Wilderness has always been an important concept to me. To be perfectly honest, I have always been pretty much a city kid. This is a big admission for me. All my life I dreamed of having a place out in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbours to complicate my life. A few years back […]

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