Regular Fences vs. Correctional Facility Fencing

Regular Fences vs. Correctional Facility Fencing - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Correctional facilities need high quality fences to protect the general welfare of the personnel in the facility, prevent unauthorised exit of inmates, and at the same time, ensure that there is a humane environment. Because of the necessity to closely manage the perimeters of the facility, regular fences aren’t sufficient as they will not deter intrusion or escape. That is why high-level security fences are required in this type of facility.

To demonstrate effectively how regular fences and specialist correctional facility fences differ, here are the significant differences in terms of components used in the two fencing systems.

What are regular fences?

Although regular fences cannot be on par with the effective safeguarding and deterrence functions that correctional facility fencing provides, regular fences from Fencing Specialist still exhibit high quality of workmanship, durability, and outstanding quality of materials.

  • Sturdy line posts – Line posts are important parts of chain wire fences since they will provide the proper shape and sturdiness. This allows the chain-link wire to be upright and not loose.
  • Galvanised, PVC coated, or stainless steel wire mesh – Weather and other elements can cause wear and tear to the wire mesh. As such, depending on your geographical location and the protection needed against rust and corrosion, different materials and wire protection schemes can be utilised.
  • Gates – Although these are just regular fences, setting up gates is still vital to the security of the place. Hence, their purpose must also be identified and must follow emergency requirements such as position of exits and entrances.
  • Barbed wires –Depending on the purpose of your fence, you may also include barbed wires for added security.
  • Varying height – The height of your fence depends on its location and function. So, the dimensions of home security fencing are different to that of industrial, educational facility, sports facility, pool, and other fencing systems.

All about correctional facility fencing

Here at Fencing Specialist, we use only the highest quality security fences to deliver the best fencing solutions in a variety of locations and applications. The components in regular fencing are also used in correctional institutions. However, since higher security is needed in these facilities, we offer specific features which are tailored for this application for added security.

  • Class 1-certified footings and posts – This is the standard to be used in high security facilities in accordance to the requirements of the Australian government construction code.
  • Barbed wire fence –Having barbed wire in the fence system is an effective means of preventing any security breach. Any illegal entry or exit attempt will be deterred by this fencing solution.
  • Electrical fencing – With the advent of new technology, fences can be equipped to deliver short electric shocks to keep intruders away from the premises of the correctional facility. Electric fencing creates a psychological deterrence to any potential break-ins or jailbreaks.
  • Electronic access gates – With electronic access gates, you can be guaranteed that anyone who enters or exits can be closely monitored. With this technology, an operator can carefully inspect every individual who is coming in and out of the correctional facility. Prohibited items can also be prevented from being taken inside.
  • Alarmed gates – If ever there is an unauthorised entry or force directed to the fence’s gate due to an attempt to break in or out, having an alarm system can serve as a prompt warning and an effective monitoring scheme. This is especially true if the alarm triggers a phone call to notify authorities or security guards.

With a high quality components, you are guaranteed to have effective control of the perimeters of the correctional facility. This is where Fencing Specialist comes into the picture. Our company takes pride in its top quality workmanship, highest quality materials, and outstanding customer service when it comes to fencing needs in Australia. Contact us now and let us help you achieve premiere security for your facility!


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