Elegant and Sturdy: The Perfect Fence for your Estate

Elegant and Sturdy - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

When it comes to the reasons for putting up a fence, there’s always a ton of factors to consider. Aesthetics, protection and security easily come to mind, and so does elegance and privacy. Naturally, installing a fence that ticks all the boxes is the best option. Even if your budget limits your choice range, having a fence that fulfils most of the above factors is very important.

The importance of a beautiful fence for your estate

The importance of a beautiful fence for your estate

There’s a ton of benefits your estate can get from having a fence installed around it. As shown below, the main benefits encompass every estate owner’s ideals of beauty, security and privacy.

  • Beauty and simplicity

In contrast with wide expanses of green or a front-end porch, a fence does look good, adding to the aesthetics of the premises in a large way. With their thick frames and imposing look when painted, fences give any estate the required elegance with a touch of simplicity.

  • Increases property value

A strong, beautiful fence adds to the estate in the way of value. Besides beauty, a fence promises security and privacy, which increases interest in buyers. In case of wanting to put it on the open market, you can expect a higher price for your estate if it comes with a beautiful fence.

  • Creates an easy boundary with other estates and properties

A fence when put up is another way of demarcating estate land, which can be quite vast. Demarcation eases management and surveillance. Even in cases of smaller estates, fences help neighbours in determining where everyone’s ownership stops. In turn, then forced intrusion can be referred to as trespassing.

  • Protection from intruders

For a fence to be rendered useful, it must fulfil the purposes of security and protection. Keeping intruders from accessing estate property, especially in crime-filled areas, is a necessity. A good fence comes well equipped to provide such security, whether your home or not.

  • Better management and control of movement to and from the estate.

This can also be referred to as keeping inside everything that’s meant to be inside. This includes animals such as horses and dogs, children, dangerous people such as prisoners and patients or even classified data. With a good fence of customised height, you can rest assured nothing is leaving the estate without your permission or notice.

Fence Types

Fences are usually categorised according to the materials that they are made of. Usually, you will be presented with options including chainwire, PVC, wood, and metal, with the latter consisting of aluminium, wrought iron and steel.

Making a choice: Why steel is the best option among all fence types

Making a choice: Why steel is the best option among all fence types

Strong and sturdy, steel is the kind of material that is not easily bent and can withstand a lot of physical pressure. This means that it is harder to break or damage, which renders it ideal for protective fencing. Another of steel’s biggest points is its durability. A steel fence will last for many years without corrosion or expensive repair. Australian estate owners want a fence that will last for years without getting easily damaged and steel is the best for making that kind of fence.

In addition to this, most steel fences are pre-galvanised to control rusting. This is an added advantage, especially for estates in areas with regular wet conditions such as Perth. The Australian BlueScope steel is known for its anti rust properties.

Steel provides several options to choose from, unlike other fence types. Homeowners can opt for tubular steel with its hollow design or stick with solid steel. Both serve the same function with similar strength; the former is just more lightweight than the latter. Many Australian fence companies also offer other variations such as Colourbond, picket, chainwire or stainless steel.

Steel is a good alternative for wrought iron when it comes to fencing. While wrought iron is highly sought after and has been in use for longer, its disadvantages make homeowners look for alternatives. In its absence, steel is undoubtedly the next best option. Its advantages argue its choice; wrought iron is very susceptible to rusting, galvanised steel isn’t. Both metals give the same elegant and sturdy appearance to your fence, but with small variation.

Steel makes for harsh weather tolerant fences. Australia’s climates are known for their extremities, and require estate owners to have strong, durable fences if they are to survive for longer. Steel doesn’t get easily damaged by extremely cold conditions or exposure to scorching temperatures, making it the perfect choice for fencing in harsh Australian climates

It is important to point out that while steel is, in our eyes one of best options for fencing choice, it does hold some disadvantages. Solid steel is quite heavy in comparison with other fencing materials and its installation may be more expensive, depending on your service provider.

Choosing a Fencing Specialist

Choosing a Fencing Specialist

While we agree that steel is our first pick for estate fencing options, it is completely up to personal preference as to the style of fence you choose. It is important to choose a fencing specialist such as Chainwire Fencing Specialist to complete your quote and give you quality advice on all your estate fencing needs.


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