Should I Worry about Rust on My Chainwire Fence?

Should I Worry about Rust on My Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Installing a quality chainwire fence for your home, estate, or business is a wise investment. Chainwire is strong and can last for decades. It protects everything that you hold dear: your business, your home, your family, your pets, your property, and the things that you have worked so hard for.

A chainwire fence is also a popular choice for farms, to keep animals from wandering and to keep them safe. Flexible and durable, a chainwire fence is one of the investments that you’ll be thankful you made.

As with everything, however, your chainwire fence will also need to be maintained for you to maximise its lifespan and benefits. Your chainwire fence will be exposed to the environment’s harsh elements, from extreme heat to water. No matter how well you take care of your fencing, nature will take its natural course and, over a long period of time, rust will settle in. Small openings in the coating of your steel fence can permit rust to form and develop.

What is rust?

Rust is one of the biggest threats to your Newcastle steel fence. Rust is a natural reaction of your chainwire fence when exposed to natural elements. It is a compound of iron and oxygen, elements that readily combine. When your fence is exposed to water and oxygen for a period of time, they react with the iron in the steel to form iron oxide. The fact that your chainwire fencing is made of steel – which has iron as its core – and is constantly exposed to moisture and rain makes it susceptible to rust.

Effects of rust to your chainwire fence in Newcastle

Here are some adverse effects when rust develops in your chainwire fencing.

1. It affects the aesthetics of your fence.

Since rust will eat away at your steel fence, it will greatly affect its appearance. This will be more problematic for business owners, as it could affect the appeal of your establishment. Your property will look neglected and your business neglected if the development of rust is left untreated.

2. It will eat through the metal of your fence.

In reality, it will take many years for your chainwire to break due to rust. However, rust can give your fence weaknesses that burglars and thieves can take advantage of. Rust weakens the affected steel. Over a period of time, the steel will fully oxidise which will cause rupture of your fence.

3. It can get out of control.

The development of rust can get out of control if left untreated. A small, insignificant spot of rust can quickly develop into something worse. Before you know it, rust has spread to a considerable area of your steel fence.

Should I Worry about Rust on My Chainwire Fence? - Chainwire Fence

How can you protect your chainwire fence from rust?

Galvanised steel is coated with zinc, which protects your fence from rust. Zinc is the first defence of your chainwire fence from rust. A steel fence that is not coated with zinc will typically rust after a week or two after installation. The thicker the coating on your fence, the greater the protection against rust.

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