Chainwire fencing

Purpose of Chainwire Fencing

Made from galvanised metal fashioned into an open-weave mesh, chainwire is a strong and long-lasting material. Chainwire makes a cost-effective, tough and durable protective fencing solution for commercial, private and public properties of all sizes and in all terrains. Wherever protective barriers and property visibility are important, there is a chain wire solution to assist.

Chainwire-Fencing Newcastle uses Australian made steel fencing manufactured to strict industry quality standards, and makes sure clients obtain strong fencing construction at fair prices.

Chainwire Fencing Newcastle
rankin park Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Benefits of Chainwire Fencing

Chainwire offers a range of benefits over other fencing materials and methods. The open-weave mesh keeps sight lines open across properties, which is important when looking out for intruders, verifying the state of crops or stock, or any activities happening in an area that need to be watched over.

Chainwire fencing also lends itself to temporary installation. Sections of chainwire panels can be linked together to form an effective barrier, without posts having to be permanently installed into the ground.

For commercial or public organisations with large and/or valuable properties to protect, the lower cost of chainwire fencing compared to many other fencing materials, makes this the best choice. Lower purchase price, installation and ongoing maintenance costs make this type of fencing difficult to beat for value.

Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Standard and Custom Chainwire Fencing Solutions

Australian made steel chainwire fencing comes in a range of standard heights and widths. Heights start from 0.6m in height through to 3.6m high, going up in 0.3m increases.

The regular height for standard chainwire security fences is 1.8 metres high. Normally, 3 strands of barbed wire are added to the top, making it hard to climb and difficult for intruders to get through.

Chainwire panels, posts, fittings and gates can be tailored to fit any non-standard requirements that customers have.

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Colours available in Chainwire Fencing

Almost everyone is familiar with the standard silver colouring of galvanised metal so characteristic of chainwire fencing, but may be unaware of new colours of black and green in the fencing palette. Black has a certain cool elegance and is trending, while green can blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

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Chainwire Fencing Designs

Flexibility in chainwire fence designs also helps clients in getting the most value from their dollars. Chainwire fences do not have to follow grid patterns. Fence lines can be customised to curve both diagonally and vertically. So whether following the sweeping bends of a circular track or the rise and fall of hilly terrain, attractive, functional and unique fencing solutions are available.

The cheapest chainwire fence uses a 3 cables design. This is a 3.15mm plain wire twisted to either side of a post to give tensile strength to the fence. Adding top and/or bottom rails to the fence greatly increases the strength and life of the fence.

The strength of the chainwire can be increased by using different construction techniques. These include reinforcing each link with an extra twist of chainwire, or using differing patterns that increase tensile strength in the overall mesh.

Uses of Chainwire Fencing

The uses for chainwire fencing are endless. Schools, public parks and reserves, transport corridors, sporting grounds, building sites and residential estates under construction are just a few. Commercial enterprises such as factories or work premises holding sensitive information or dangerous materials need to be protected constantly. Government enterprises have the same responsibilities and may need to protect extraordinarily large pieces of property for e.g. Dept. of Defence training or shooting grounds.

Whether its keeping intruders out of commercial and public premises, helping to keep livestock or crops protected on rural properties, or providing an effective safety barrier for people at events, Australian made chainwire steel fencing is the perfect solution.