DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Fence

DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Fence

Keeping your fence in good shape is just as important as installing one in the first place. If you have a fence around a commercial or industrial property regular maintenance is needed to keep it functioning well for your security. 

There are many different kinds of purposes for fencing: property fencing, school security fencing, animal enclosures, security storage fencing, sports wire fencing around fields and courts, and many more. Fences also come in a variety of materials, such as wood, vinyl, aluminium, or chainwire. 

It’s important to know the purpose and material of your fencing if you want to successfully maintain its appearance and functionality through the years. These factors can all affect how well your fence will perform. 

Maintenance tips for your fence

You don’t need to buy expensive material to keep your fence up to date. All you need is a proactive attitude and a bit of creativity. Here are three top DIY maintenance tips to help you in taking care of your fence. 

Clean your fence regularly

Different fencing materials require different cleaning strategies. Generally, you only need to arm yourself with soap and have access to cleaning water. 

If you have a chain link, steel, or aluminium fence, you don’t have to worry about cleaning regularly. You can hose down your fences only once a year, maybe more if a rough storm occurs. Soapy water and the use of a soft brush isn’t needed, unless there are particularly stubborn areas.

Cleaning vinyl or wooden fences is a different matter. For vinyl fences, use soapy water or a specialist vinyl cleaning solution, to clean off stains. You should regularly clean your vinyl fence every 3 to 6 months. Because of their chemical composition, don’t expose your vinyl fence to direct smoke from barbecue grilling and the like. Don’t try to repaint the fence by yourself. 

Stubborn spots or rough stains in your wood fence can be bleached out (use a 1 part bleach, 2 parts water solution) or scrubbed with a wood cleaning solution. If there are discolourations, make sure to use wood stains that match the colour of your wood fence. 

Keep debris out

Always be on the lookout for concrete, rocks, tree roots, and other obstructions that can damage the foundation of your fences. Tree roots especially can warp the structure of your security fencing, which can require expensive repairs. 

Make sure to clean out any debris that wedges itself between the rails and boards. Things like leaves, blown debris, or even tree branches can do a lot of damage. 

Smart fencing habits

There are habits that may seem obvious to you, but which you may not have really considered. To really maintain your fences successfully, be sure to think twice before screwing in attachments. These may mess with the structural integrity of your fences, and this is especially true for vinyl fencing. 

Don’t hang heavy items on your fences. They can warp your chainwire fencing and render them ineffective. 

Be sure to look out for signs of disrepair in the hinges and screws of your fencing, especially after it rains. Don’t wait for extreme disrepair to happen before you pay attention to your fences. After all, vigilance is the real key to security. If you need more help in maintaining your fence, contact our experts today!


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