Things You Should Know Before Building a Fence

Things You Should Know Before Building a Fence

Read along if you plan on installing new fencing

Fencing is a key element of any home. Fencing protects your family by creating a barrier between your sanctuary and the rest of the world. Without a good fence, you cannot have pets and children running around in the backyard and you can’t keep outsiders from walking all over your lovingly grown plants.

Like many parts of a home, however, fences do not last forever, and they eventually need to be replaced. Here are a few things you should consider when installing fencing, courtesy of the team here at Chainwire Fencing Specialist.

Make a plan

Planning is crucial when building boundary fences. First, establish where your property exactly ends to prevent future disputes with your neighbours. Then decide on a clear-cut purpose for your fence. For example, are you getting a fence to stop your dog from escaping or are you adding a decorative element to your lawn? Do you need a fence to block out light or enhance privacy in your home? The functionality will ultimately determine what type of fence is right for you.

Do your research

Once you have a plan, do a thorough search for fencing ideas online. You can also ask neighbours and friends for recommendations. Finally, make sure you have a few quotes from different fencing installers before picking a fence.

Read about local laws

Check your local council for fencing regulations. There’s nothing worse than building a fence only to tear it down because it’s too high or the posts and rails are facing the wrong direction. Special fencing, such as those built around a pool, also has specific requirements to ensure child safety.

Choose suitable materials

Choose suitable materials

Usually, the purpose of the fence dictates the range of materials you can choose from. Pool enclosures are often made of glass or aluminium. If privacy is a concern, then solid Colorbond® panels are a great choice.

The weather plays an important role when choosing fencing material or having a fence installed by a professional team such as Chainwire Fencing Specialist. If you live in an area with high rainfall, your choice of fencing material should be water resistant and the posts should go deep enough to withstand soil erosion.

Maintenance is another consideration when selecting a fence. To ensure that your new fence lasts for quite a long time, you will need to take care of it – just like any other part of your home. Wood looks terrific but requires more maintenance than aluminium. Are you willing to put up with the cost and labour needed to keep your timber fence in prime condition? Consider the upkeep requirements when weighing your material options.

Add greenery

Add greenery

Metal fencing can look dull and lifeless, but it can easily come to life with a touch of green. If you plan to enclose a low-security area, why not create a hedge instead of a fence? Beautiful, well-trimmed hedges can be the highlight of your garden.

Combining fencing and landscaping also has money-saving benefits. For example, to create a green border for your home, combine sections of hedging and wooden fencing for a totally unique look. Alternatively, you could install an inexpensive chain-mesh fence and let your vines creep over it to turn a monotonous visual into a vertical garden.


You don’t want to build fencing that could potentially lock you in. So, it’s best to establish two points of access that allow you to move things in and out of the fenced area, such as lawnmowers, chairs, garden tools, trash cans, or even vehicles.

Blending in with your surroundings

Blending in with your surroundings

Unless you want to be the centre of attention, consider choosing a fence that blends in with your surroundings. Pay attention to the aesthetics of your street – you don’t want to put up a loud front fence in the middle of subtle facades. Ensure to pick a design that stands out while respecting the general tone of your neighbourhood.

Your neighbours and the neighbourhood

Boundary fencing is one of the most common reasons behind property disputes. But more often than not, conflicts can be avoided by clearly communicating with the other parties. If you plan to build a fence that divides your property from a neighbour, then you need to involve them in the process.

Talk to them about your fencing material, function and overall look. Also, make sure that does not encroach on their property, blocking their view, or ruining the aesthetic of their house. If your neighbour has concerns, it is best to hear them out rather than insist on going forward with your original plan. Most of the time, you will find common ground and avoid any legal disputes or unnecessary drama down the road.

Going local

Want to give back to your community? Buying local is one way to do it. Choose a local contractor if you find one that meets your fencing needs. Or if you prefer to work with a company out of state, ask your fencing installation specialists if they are willing to source materials and components from local suppliers.

Call a fencing specialist for professional fencing installation in Newcastle

Call a fencing specialist for professional fencing installation in Newcastle

Building a fence is complex work, so you’ll need the help of a fencing expert. Although they may look simple, fencing involves solving challenges such as slopes, grounding, and spacing.

Hiring a professional is a good investment for three reasons:

  • The fencing is installed right the first time.
  • The fence meets Australian building standards.
  • The fencing will last a long time.

Fencing is an important addition to any residential, commercial or industrial property. Be sure to select a supplier that offers high-quality fencing custom-designed to your specific requirements.

It is always exciting to plan a new feature of your home, but when it comes to fencing, there are plenty of things to consider. Here at Chainwire Fencing, we can help you determine the right material and design for your property fence. Whether your concerns are appearance, access, security or budget, we can provide the most effective fencing services and gate solutions for your needs.

Available in galvanised or powder-coated finish, we offer black chain wire fencing, press formed spear topped fencing, pipe handrails, and barbed wire security fencing.

Call us today on 02 4023 5416 for enquiries or click here to send us an online message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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