When to Use Sliding Security Gates

When to Use Sliding Security Gates

Everything you need to know about when to install sliding gates, how to use sliding gates and where to get the best sliding gates around!

Sliding security gates are a popular way to protect residential and commercial property. Apart from the security they offer, security gates are often cost-effective and quite easy to use.

If you’re thinking of getting sliding gates for your house or building, then you’re in the right place! We’ve gathered some tips to help you make better decisions when using sliding security gates.

Quick Practical Knowledge about Security GatesQuick practical knowledge about security gates

Before hiring security gate installation experts, you need to remember a few crucial details to help you determine if a sliding security gate is right for you.

First, consider if you want to DIY or hire an installation team. DIY shelf gates are typically available from hardware stores, even shopping centres. Still. these might not guarantee the level of quality and security that you expect.

Quite often, DIY sliding gates are semi-framed, resulting in weaker welds. In contrast, custom-manufactured gates use four-sided frames that add durability to the design. These gates keep you safer without compromising on price.

With that said, hiring security gate installers is wiser. Look for high-quality gate and fence manufacturers in Australia. A little bit of research would lead you to testimonials of pleased customers who have first-hand experience of receiving great service.

Sliding security doors have many practical areas of use. The best places to use sliding gates include:

  • Residential properties needing more front yard space
  • Office security entrances
  • Industrial entrances and security stops
  • Warehousing complexes
  • Educational facilities
  • Sports facilities
  • Private parking spaces

4 Tips on Using Sliding Gates4 Tips on using sliding gates

There are many opportunities where a sliding security gate is the best option. Here are situations when you can maximise these gates up to their potential.

 Use sliding gates for properties that lack ample space.

Sliding security gates work best for houses that have limited space. If you don’t have ample space between your house and front yard, swing gates could be a problem because they would need enough clearance to open in full, which is a challenge.

If you lack space, sliding security gates are the better pick. They move horizontally, so they retract to the length of your walls. This feature saves valuable space you can use for something else like for storage or adding ways to invite people in.

As sliding gates move to the side, you get no obstructions and zero clutter. More importantly, the gate is far stronger against forced entries, even if trespassers try to use a vehicle.

A sliding security gate is perfect for a private parking space or a driveway. It’s also great for a secure warehouse to control everything that comes in and out. If you’re a private facility like a university or laboratory, these gates are perfect.

Use a sliding security gate when there is dust and debris in your area

If you live somewhere in the bush, having a sliding security gate can be a bit of a problem. Custom sliding gates use a track system that run on the ground. This track system follows a specific vertical course and should have the same condition every time.

For homes in suburbs that experience a lot of dust and debris, a sliding security gate can be a pain to deal with. Dirt and debris like wet leaves can clog up the system. They can also alter the path of the gate, which could create a potential malfunction.

While people would think that they can solve this problem with maintenance, it will still pose a threat. One misstep can create friction on the track. One small rock in the wrong place can get the gate stuck.

Cantilever style sliding gates still offer the same problem. Dust can ruin the sensitive cantilever system of the sliding gate. More dust, rocks, and debris mean less efficient closing.

Use sliding security gates in areas where there is not too much dust and debris. If you want to use it in rural areas, it’s best to consult an expert to see how to minimise dust and debris.

Use a sliding gate on even terrain.

Sliding gates work best when the terrain is even. For security gates that run on tracks, this is especially vital to prevent friction. Without a level surface, security gates will go to their natural state: slammed shut or left open.

Cantilever systems can solve issues with terrain, together with adjusting the position of the fences. Cantilever-type sliding gates are above ground, removing any potential issues with the rail system.

Because of this, sliding security gates are perfect for airports, schools, caravans, and industrial complexes. These businesses make it a point to shift terrain to suit their needs. Residential properties that need these sliding gates might need to set up their area first before installing sliding gates.

Avoid installing sliding security gates during cold winter months.

Although Newcastle suburbs rarely get snow, it might not be practical to have sliding security gates installed during winter. That’s because cold is metal’s worst enemy!

Metals contract in freezing temperatures, especially in winter climates. As such, installing a sliding security gate during the coldest months may not be the wisest idea. While lubrication should be a good solution, this defeats the purpose of automatic sliding gates. Extreme cold can stop rollers from operating smoothly. Gate repairs, however, may be done at any time. Ask your Newcastle fencing expert for the ideal time to perform the work smoothly.

Know When to Use Sliding Security GatesKnow When to Use Sliding Security Gates

Knowing when to use sliding security gates can save you a ton of money, energy, and even grief. If you want to get the best benefits from your sliding security gate, talk to a fencing specialist today. You want a team with both experience and knowledge about how to utilise the right fencing. Talk to one of our staff today and see how we can help give you the practical security you need for your property with top-level service!


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