Hiring a Fencing Specialist this New Year

Hiring a Fencing Specialist this New Year - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Your property needs protection from wildlife and intruders. Should you hire a professional fencing company or should you install the fence yourself?

DIY projects often come with cost savings, but installing a fence is not an easy job for an amateur. When it comes to fencing installations, you might end up spending more if you do-it-yourself rather than hiring a fencing specialist.

Do you need to install fencing around the pool? Secure a warehouse with chain-mesh fencing? Protect a parking structure with sliding gates? Whatever type of fence you need, there are many benefits to hiring a fencing specialist.

Hiring a Fencing Specialist this New Year - Fencing Specialist

Choose the right type of fence

You have probably done your research on the different types of fencing and have already decided on what you want for your property. You may have chosen the right fence, but in some cases, a professional can introduce you to options that may be better suited for your requirements.

Fencing specialists have years – or even decades – of trade experience and may be able to make suggestions for the specific size of your property and where it is located. This means that you are installing a fence that is tailor-made for its intended purpose.

Avoid costly mistakes

With expert advice from professional fencing contractors, you can avoid mistakes that could be costly and inconvenient in the future.

One mistake that could become a costly problem is not installing a fence along the correct property line. If you install your fence and later find out that it is encroaching on the property of your neighbour, you will be forced to remove it and watch thousands of dollars go down the drain. A professional fencing contractor will accurately survey your real estate before starting any work.

Hiring a Fencing Specialist this New Year - Fencing Specialist

Save money on equipment

Installing fences require specialised tools – tools that you probably do not have in your garage but are pretty basic for a fencing contractor. Since installing a fence is usually a one-off job, it is not practical to purchase expensive equipment that you are not familiar with and will not be using again.

Save time

Installing a fence is not something that you often do, so doing it yourself will involve a slow, careful process and a steep learning curve. Fencing companies have been installing and repairing fences every single day for years – which means they have mastered the craft and can complete the job in a fraction of the time that an average property owner can.

Professional fencing specialists are also able to work faster because they have the necessary manpower. If your project is large-scale, these companies can deploy an entire team to handle the scope of work.

Hiring a Fencing Specialist this New Year - Fencing Specialist

Boost your property value

Fences not only protect your assets – they can contribute to curb appeal, especially if your property is situated in a corner. When your property is enclosed in a well-built, visually attractive fence, it draws attention and looks more attractive to prospective buyers. Increasing the value of your property is essential if you decide to sell.

Fences that are installed by a professional will have no scratches, chips, sagging sections, discolouration, or other defects. If they look professional and sturdy, they will leave a lasting impression on those who drive by.

How to hire a fencing specialist

So, you have decided to hire a fencing specialist instead of embarking on a DIY project. How do you choose the right contractor? Here are some questions to ask prospective contractors that could help you make that decision.

  • What types of fencing services do you offer?
  • Does your work come with a guarantee?
  • Do you source materials that meet Australian standards?
  • Do you provide a range of styles and colours?
  • Is your team insured?
  • Is your team certified?

If you are looking for experts in fencing installations on residential properties, industrial estates, commercial structures, and public facilities, then you have come to the right place.

Chainwire-Fencing Specialist has over two decades of experience in the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of permanent and temporary fencing in New South Wales. If you call today, you can be sure that the work will be conducted in a safe, professional and efficient manner.


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