Things to know before building a fence

Things to know before building a fence

A fence serves multiple purposes, from adding security, improving curb appeal, increasing privacy and many others. However, you can’t just measure your yard and put up a fence and be done with it. There are different things you need to know before you start building a fence so that you can avoid trouble and unwanted results.

Know What It’s For

What’s your reason for installing the fence? Is it for keeping the dog in the yard? If so, you can use a basic chain link fence and the job is done. However, if you want something to block the noise and the view, a tall and solid fence is what you need. You may also have a complex requirement such as adding protection for your pets while at the same time, having decorative elements to your home’s exterior. No matter what you need, a fence can serve multiple purposes and it’s best to choose the one that works best for you as the first step.

Choose Materials

White picket fences are one of the best, but before buying wood posts and whitewash, you must understand the commitment required when you install wood fences. They require occasional staining or sealing and over time, they will rot and deteriorate. You may want to consider using a low maintenance material like vinyl which offers the same look as wood minus elbow grease. There are also other options like aluminum, steel, bamboo, wrought iron and others.

Know the Rules and Regulations

First, inquire about your homeowners or neighborhood associations to know what kind of fences you can install. This includes the possible color, style, height and material restrictions. There are city and neighborhood rules where the better-looking side of the fence should be placed toward the public face of the property. You may also require a building permit. Nevertheless, it’s always the best idea to know the rules and regulations before installing a fence.

Keep Your Neighbors in Mind

Make sure you notify your neighbors about your fencing plans and try not to unnecessarily block their views. With that in mind, a party fence can be shared by two or more neighbors, however, it should be arranged properly in the writing and all boundaries should be professionally determined.

Hire Fence Professionals

Installing fences aren’t as easy as it looks. Good thing finding a local fence contractor is easier nowadays. If you hire professionals, they can help you determine what kind of fence is best suited for you, plus they surely know the rules and regulations in your current area, making your fence installation experience hassle-free.

There are a lot of professionals in the Newcastle area that can help you with fence installation. You can ask your friends and families for input when it comes to choosing a fencing contractor.


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