The Benefits of Tubular Fencing

The Benefits of Tubular Fencing

5 reasons to choose tubular fencing for your property.

Fencing is an important element of any type of property, providing essential security and peace of mind, but choosing the right type of fencing will not just secure a property, it can also help improve its overall appearance.

Why is fencing important?

Each type of fencing comes with its own set of benefits and features and the choice will mostly depend on preference, budget and where the fence will be installed. Fencing is one of the first things that people see on a property, so the fencing could significantly affect the property’s overall appearance and curb appeal, adding to its value.

For commercial spaces, the right type of fencing can make customers feel safer. Depending on the business, extra measures can be put in place to protect client privacy. A fence can protect the establishment’s entrance, effectively protecting assets and stakeholders alike (in schools, for instance).

5 Reasons to Choose Tubular Fencing.

5 Reasons to choose tubular fencing

One popular type of fencing is tubular fencing. A tubular fence is typically made from steel or aluminium and is composed of several metal rods joined together to form a secure and aesthetic fence. There are numerous benefits of installing one:

1.  Tubular fences are durable

If there is one important characteristic that a fence should have, it is durability. A fence is there to protect people, property and valuables, so a flimsy fence will not be able to do its job.

A tubular fence can be made from either aluminium or steel. These two materials are ideal for both strength and style. Steel tubular fencing is usually galvanised (treated and coated) with zinc to make them resistant to weather and moisture.

A tubular fence will last many years, so there is no need to worry about fence deterioration just a few years after its installation. An aluminium tubular fence is also corrosion-resistant, so there is no worry about peeling or cracking.

2.  Tubular fences are low maintenance

Many people become preoccupied with work, family, hobbies and life in general. Who has the time to maintain their fence on a regular basis? Unless a tradie comes in to keep the fence in good shape, a low-maintenance fence is the better option. Having to constantly repaint and repair it to keep it look pleasing can be costly and time-consuming.

Conversely, galvanised steel tubular fencing can withstand the harsh elements of the weather and moisture and is resistant to pests and insects as well.

3.  Tubular fences come in a variety of designs

Whether simple and clean or dramatic, there is a tubular fence design to suit any property. From minimalist tubular fencing with straight and solid lines, to something unique, with curves, twists, and other shapes there are many ways to add interest to a tubular fence.

It is even possible to add some pointed tips or spears to make it look like wrought iron, and at the same time, add some deterrent to trespassers and thieves and making a fence that means business when it comes to security and still looks great.

Tubular fencing can also come in any colour to match the property’s colour palette.

4.  Tubular fencing is versatile

Tubular fencing has many applications. Here are just some of the common applications of tubular fences:

  • Privacy fences
  • Property demarcation
  • Garden fences
  • Enclosures for swimming pools
  • Enclosures for pets
  • Fencing for play areas
  • Security fences and gates

Tubular fencing is the perfect choice for pool and playground enclosures, ensuring child safety when they are playing near the pool or limiting access for children and pets. Tubular fencing allows garden protection with visibility. It is pet-proof, so the dog won’t be able to chew its way to forbidden areas of your property, for example.

Tubular fencing comes in different sizes, to suit any situation, too. The fencing contractor will arrange it as a standard size or custom design. If the fence will be used as a swimming pool enclosure, ensure that it is compliant with Australian Standards.

5. Tubular fences look good

Why settle for a fence that looks bland? No property will ever look shabby with tubular fencing that is also attractive and functional. Since the design is customisable, it is possible to have a fence that blends with the property’s exterior design.

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Contact Chainwire Fencing for your Fencing Needs in Newcastle and Hunter Valley

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