Improve Home Security with Fences

Improve Home Security with Fences - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Robert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbours.” Benjamin Franklin said, “Love thy neighbour, yet don’t pull down your hedge.”

Fences and hedges have long been essential to getting along with neighbours.

Good neighbours are those who respect each other’s privacy and property. Good parents are those who keep their children and pets safe from a busy road. And good home improvers are those who know the curb appeal of an attractive hedgerow, fence, gate — or combination of all three.

Burglary Statistics

According to survey results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), break-ins were the most common household crime from 1993-2005. The ABS also estimate that in the year prior to its Crime Victimisation Survey 2009-10, 254,500 households were the victims of at least one break-in to their home, garage or shed and 203,700 households were victims of an attempted break-in. To deter burglars, it is worth considering the installation of secure boundary fences around your property. With a variety of fences and gates to choose from, you can achieve privacy and home security without compromising the character and feel of a welcoming home.

How high should your fence be?

Improve Home Security with Fences - Fences

Although there is no such thing as a perfect height for a home fence, you should erect one that keeps potential intruders out without making your house resemble a high security prison. A fence at ankle-height will merely outline your property, be easy to climb over and may not offer adequate security for your property. On the flip side, a fence that is too high can overpower an exterior. Many local bodies also have regulations about tall fences that net need to be considered.

Additionally, you should also be aware that there are regulations on how and where a fence can be erected. If you are erecting a fence on the boundary between adjoining properties make sure you get a survey done to confirm the official boundaries. Depending on what type of fence you are building, the fence may be required to be built on the proposer’s property. Make sure you check with your local council and relevant authorities for the laws regulating fences before erecting one around your house.

Locking gates can increase security

Improve Home Security with Fences - Fences

If your fence has a gate make sure it is secured by a lock as with all other points of entry. Outdoor locks differ from house locks. Padlocks are secure but not always practical for a regular point of entry. People often seek out custom-made electric gates after their car has been stolen. You don’t believe it can happen until it does, and then you want to make doubly sure it doesn’t happen again. According to Fraser McCulloch of Elefantus, a QLD designer and manufacturer of custom-made gates:

“As a stand-alone feature, a custom-made, self-opening, wrought-iron gate adds instant security while at the same time making a grand statement. Everyone loves the luxury of an automated opening gate.”

Not sure whether to choose a sliding gate or a swinging gate? Read our post discussing the pros and cons of gate design. Automatic gates have become symbols of wealth and fame. According to an article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, the market in gate automation is not a response to security issues but status. The number of people investing in their own electric gate is increasing by around thirty per cent each year. Why not join the trend? Automated or not, a beautifully designed gate will add value, security and privacy to your home.

Hedge and Fence Combo

Install our black chain wire fencing or press formed spear topped fencing on your property perimeter and grow a dense hedge at the base. The hedge will grow around the fence, disguising it and reinforcing it. This will stop burglars who attempt to climb through your hedge only to discover a secure, impenetrable chain wire fence amidst the branches. Achieve a beautiful exterior and security at the same time. See our post on vines for fences for an alternative cover.

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