Commercial Uses and Benefits of Bollards

Commercial Uses and Benefits of Bollards

How bollards can increase the safety and appeal of commercial and public spaces

Bollards are now commonplace in every urban landscape in Newcastle, yet many people walk past them, oblivious to their purpose. Bollards are not just placed for decorative purposes; they have vital functions to perform that businesses and residential property owners in the Hunter Valley can benefit from.

What is a Bollard?

What is a Bollard?

A bollard is a short, sturdy pillar. Originally used on docks to tether boats, bollards have now evolved into an urban necessity with many applications. Bollards are professionally installed to keep buildings and people safe in many ways and come in aluminium, cast iron, plastic, wood, concrete, or stainless steel, among other materials.

Property owners may also have their designs customised according to their requirements.

Commercial Uses and Benefits of Bollards-

Commercial uses and benefits of bollards

Today’s bollards are versatile! We have compiled a list of the most common uses for modern bollards. Bollards are used for:

  • Creating protected bike lanes
  • Providing options for bicycle parking
  • Promoting traffic management and safety
  • Providing security for buildings and infrastructure
  • Restricting access / managing queues
  • Protecting pedestrian safety
  • Promoting orderliness in parking spaces
  • Branding for businesses, buildings, and infrastructure

Creating protected bike lanes

Following the covid-19 lockdown, more people in Newcastle want to use bicycles as their primary mode of transport. After all, bicycles are more environment-friendly and can get people to their destinations faster in heavy traffic areas. Unfortunately, it is not always safe to ride a bike on main roads. Even with designated bike lanes or cycleways, cyclists are still prone to get bumped by a larger vehicle.

Professionally installed bollards are more visible than a slight bump or a painted striped line on the road. Even unmindful drivers would find bollards much easier to spot and avoid, so bollards can offer a stronger barrier between cyclists and vehicles on busy streets.

Providing options for bicycle parking

Following their origins as a mooring post for boats, bollards offer cyclists options to secure their bikes safely. These are ideal for urban locations where space is an issue and parking options for cyclists are limited.

Promote traffic management and safety

Bollards have many applications in traffic management and safety. They are used to mark the segregation of pedestrians from vehicles and they can indicate traffic diversions, as well as road closures and semi-closures.

In areas where a counterflow scheme is implemented, bollards can serve as indicators. They help alert drivers to many road hazards, such as high curbs, accident-prone zones, and narrow roads.

Provide security for buildings and infrastructure

One of the biggest concerns of store owners is the problem of ram-raiding. Ram-raiding is a “smash and grab” type of burglary where a heavy vehicle smashes through a window or storefront of a shop. The perpetrators then proceed to loot the store as quickly as possible.

Installing fixed, strong bollards using a trusted company like Chainwire Fencing Specialists (visit them at is an effective measure against such types of theft and destruction because they are built to withstand high-speed collisions. A few vertical posts in front of a shop would be enough to deter vehicles from carrying out such attacks. This type of defence is also helpful in industrial settings with heavy vehicle traffic such as loading docks, bus depots, and freight yards.

Restricting access / Managing queues

In areas where selective or restricted access is necessary, a removable bollard is best. Post holders are installed in the ground, and a post goes into the holder. Typical locations with restricted access are schools and university campuses.

Establishments such as banks, museums, and theatres use retractable bollards to maintain orderly queueing and guide the public – retractable bollards are especially helpful in managing long queues. They are also effective in protecting delicate or sensitive displays that are not accessible to the public.

Protecting pedestrian safety

In recent years, one of the biggest concerns surrounding public safety is the increase in vehicular or terrorist attacks. In places that attract huge crowds of visitors, hostile vehicle mitigation bollards can provide some measure of security against vehicular attacks.

Well-placed bollards along sidewalks also prevent drivers from ramping up on curbs, whether intentionally or accidentally. Additionally, in a busy city, pedestrians need clearly defined paths that are safe for walking.

Promoting orderliness in parking spaces

Parking lots and garages are spaces that require bollards as well. Drivers need help with navigating traffic and staying within the allotted areas and too many cars crammed in a garage or parking lot can prove to be an obstruction in case of emergencies. In such an event, emergency services like ambulances or fire trucks need unfettered access. Bollards can serve as car park barriers to limit cars from parking in non-designated spaces and help resolve this issue.

Branding for businesses, buildings, and infrastructure

The design of a bollard can greatly impact the image of businesses, buildings, and commercial spaces. Bollards can be designed in such a way that they enhance the surrounding structures.

For instance, a modern museum could install bollards that are sleek and avant-garde in style. On the other hand, a historical district could incorporate vintage-style bollards to reinforce the historical feel of the place. When bollards complement the architectural styles of the surrounding structures, they can provide added value to a space.

Are Bollards Worth It?

Are bollards worth it?

Given all these benefits, it is pretty clear that bollards are a necessary means to protecting people and assets.

With many factors threatening personal and public safety, bollards can help ease these concerns. In fact, as a rule, city planners and architects include bollards in designing urban spaces.

When identifying the type of bollard one should get, it is essential first to consider the purpose. Knowing what the bollards will be used for informs decision-making, from material down to design. With the right choice, one can marry form and function in the best possible ways.

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