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Bollards create protective perimeters, mark boundaries, and guide vehicle or foot traffic. They are short posts that come in many shapes and styles, designed to stand out from their surroundings. Bollards can be made from cast iron, ductile iron, steel, concrete, aluminium, plastic, or wood. The materials from which they are made depends primarily on the bollard’s intended function.

Learning More About Bollards - Bollards

The many uses of bollards

Bollards are a flexible bunch. They have many applications, some of which we list below.

Street or Traffic Bollards

Traffic bollards guide vehicles toward appropriate areas to ensure a smooth and continuous flow while allowing pedestrian access. They can point vehicles to where they should pass, and serve as a demarcation to prevent access to special or restricted lanes. Traffic bollards are also used to keep running cars on the streets and protect pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Pedestrian Bollards

Bollards can be used to define or mark specific pedestrian areas. They are often used with a chain to encourage people to walk only on marked and designated paths. Bollards may also be used to surround a building to mark its perimeter. Bollards can also be fitted with lights and used to light pathways at night time.

Security Bollards

Bollards that surround a building or property can guide foot traffic, but they can also be used as a shield against vehicle impact in case of accidents. Bollards for this purpose must be strong enough to offer solid and strong resistance to a moving vehicle.

Construction Bollards

Temporary bollards can be used on construction sites to separate areas that are safe from those that are not safe. They define pathways and areas that are off limits to foot traffic or vehicles. Temporary bollards are usually made of plastic in bright colours so they can easily be seen by incoming traffic.

Protective Bollards

They can be used to protect people from vehicles. Parks and playgrounds beside the street can use steel-and-concrete bollards to prevent out-of-control vehicles from smashing through the area. They are also use to protect store fronts from accidents  and ram-raid attacks.

Asset Protection Bollards

Indoor bollards are used to protect business property and staff. They are used to protect ATM’s, warehouse racks, and refrigeration units. They protect merchandise and retail property from carts and hand-powered cleaning tools.

Learning More About Bollards - Bollards

Bollard designs and styles

The design and style you choose for your bollards will depend on their intended function. Will it be for traffic control, property protection, or perimeter marks? Next, should it be fixed or temporary? How should it blend with its surroundings, or should it stand out? Finally, how much are you willing to spend?

These factors will dictate the materials that are best suited for your bollards and their design.

1. Traditional Bollards

The traditional and classic bollard look complements many surroundings and architectural styles. Traditional bollards usually come in black and are made of iron. They are not made to protect you from vehicle impact, but they can serve as deterrent for vehicular and foot traffic.

2. Modern Bollards

Modern bollards are used to match contemporary buildings and architecture. They can come in any height and colour, to blend in or stand out in their intended place of use. Modern bollards can be made from stainless steel, pebbled concrete, plastic, and many other materials.

3. Artistic Bollards

As the name suggests, artistic bollards are special bollards specifically created for extra impact. Aside from adding safety and protective measures, artistic bollards also serve a decorative purpose.

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