When is the Right Time to Renew your Chainwire Fence?

The right time to renew your chainwire fence is probably a lot sooner than you think. It also depends on how long it had been since you had your chainwire fence installed, as well as the current condition of the fence. This article will help you make the right choice and keep your fence from getting more wear and tear than needed.

Examine your chainwire fence thoroughly

It is a good idea to first walk around the property where the chainwire fence is located and see if you can spot any areas that are deteriorating. If your chainwire fence is already rusted, broken, or bent, then you’ve waited too long. However, if your fence looks good overall but you haven’t really given it a thorough inspection, now is the time! Looks can be deceiving. Many times a fence appears to be rust and damage free only to actually have certain spots showing tale tell signs of rust and deterioration with a more close inspection.

What you need to examine

There are certain places that chainwire fences usually will show wear and tear first. Check the locking mechanism part of your chainwire fence. This is often the first part of the fence to show rust and damage as it is the part of the fence that meets the ground and any part of the fence that gets wet from sprinklers, etc. Especially pay attention to any area of the fence that is on or near moist areas or wet grass. Another thing we tend to forget is sun damage. Some parts of the fence age prematurely while other parts do not.

If one side of your chainwire fence is facing the sun all day and another side is not, it is easy to determine what side will wear out first. Make the proper adjustments. Write down and start a log on how long it takes for one side of your fence to deteriorate compared to the other side. Months, years, or however long it takes it to deteriorate. Once you know approximately how long your fence can washstand the elements, you will be able to get the upper hand and renew your chainwire fence early and save yourself time and money.

How to renew your chainwire fence

First, you need to remove rust, flaking paint, and any grime that is on your chainwire fence with a wire brush. You can also rent a sandblaster for a day and that will do the job more efficiently. Make sure you lay down a tarp around the chainwire fence to protect the property from dust, rust and other debris. After you have completed that task, observe any remaining corrosive areas and treat them with spray on rust inhibitor. You can use a long nap roller to apply aluminium paint to give your fence that brand new look again. You will need to apply it to both sides of the fence slowly and be sure not to over soak the roller so you can avoid excess spills. If you need more info on chainwire fence repair, feel free to contact our experts at Chainwire Fencing.


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