Uses of Galvanised Pipe Railings in your Warehouse or Facility

Uses of Galvanised Pipe Railings in your Warehouse or Facility

Galvanised pipe railings are a staple of any type of construction project. They are mostly commonly used for industrial interiors in warehouses and different types of facilities.

Railings are a necessary part of any structure to ensure the safety of the people. The installation of railings must be compliant to safety and accessibility standards set in the Building Code of Australia and Disability Standards of 2010.

Pipe Railings are a Practical Choice

Pipe railings are a practical choice

Pipe railings have had their simplicity, versatility, and durability tried and tested. For one, the construction of the desired railings is relatively simple as the pipes can be cut on-site to achieve the design that you want.

Different types of fittings are used to form the railings and attach them to the wall or floor. These railings last longer without much maintenance compared to those made from other materials. Galvanised materials also stay rust-free for longer periods.

Having railings that are easy to modify, install, and maintain equates to lower costs. Warehouses have high maintenance costs. The wide range of inventory inside a warehouse often requires different methods of care. Systems for security, lighting, insulation, ventilation, and even communication should be maintained and updated regularly. Other facilities also have high maintenance costs to ensure that activities to be held within can be done safely and smoothly.

With these costs piling up, being practical with the materials as early as the construction phase is a must! Railings made from galvanised pipes are the economical choice – from construction to maintenance – for warehouse and other premises owners.

Not quite convinced? Railings have varied uses in warehouses or facilities. They can be placed in different areas and can be used for many other structures. The value you get after paying an affordable price makes these railings a good investment. Read on to know more about railings’ uses in your warehouse or facility.

5 Uses of Galvanised Pipe Railings

5 Uses of galvanised pipe railings

Railings are usually installed to comply with safety standards, but you’ll be surprised to know that even galvanised railings can be used for decorative purposes. Below are different uses of railings for your warehouse or facility:

  • Galvanised pipe railings for stair railings

Warehouses offer ample storage space for a wide range of clients with different goods to be stored.  A single large floor area is favoured over having several floor levels. Warehouses are known for occupying a huge number of square metres (some can even occupy hectares!). A mezzanine floor is often added for extra storage space or administrative offices. Hence, stairs are more common than elevators.

Use galvanised pipes for handrails. Warehouses are not high-rise buildings, but mezzanine floors are usually placed at a greater height. Other facilities also add stairs to access higher floor levels. Keep your workers and clients safe when climbing such heights by adding sturdy and rust-free handrails.

  • Galvanised pipe railings for ramp railings

Movement of goods in a warehouse is challenging. Some items are heavy, which requires them to be moved with wheeled carts, trolleys, or forklifts. Ramps make it easier to move goods and transport them from the warehouse grounds to loading docks. Galvanised pipes make good ramp railings. Prevent falls, both of people and goods, by installing quality ramp railings.

Movement of people is also essential for both warehouses and other facilities. Disability standards mandate the availability of ramps in all premises. Ramp railings can be grabbed on to in case users of ramps become off-balance.

  • Galvanised pipe railings for pedestrian fencing

Parking lots are essential to make any business successful. Warehouses need parking space for the clients and transport trucks. Facilities can attract more clients by offering convenient parking space. However, establishments should not be built solely for cars.

Large trucks can fail to spot sidewalks, hit walking pedestrians, and damage your property. Unsupervised children can wander away and be unnoticed by drivers. Erect pedestrian fencing in your parking lots so the young and old can walk safely from their cars to your place. Galvanised pipes can withstand any weather and are recommended even for outdoor parking lots.

  • Galvanised Pipe Railings for Safety Railings

Galvanised railings can also be installed in high locations. Rooftops require railings in the same way as mezzanine floors, stairs, ramps, and parking lots. All these locations are hot spots for slipping, or worse, falling. Safety railings prevent these accidents providing peace of mind to you and your clients. Also, stair railings in your rooftop emergency exits can use galvanised pipes.

Newcastle is known for its proximity to the bodies of water surrounding Lake Macquarie. Pipe railings are perfect for facilities near water-rich environments. Showcase the beauty of nature but also provide a safety marker for your clients to avoid falling into the waters. These railings stay rust-free which makes them suitable for such a location.

  • Galvanised pipe railings as decorative fences

Warehouses make use of railings mostly for the safety reasons mentioned above. Manufacturing, transport, and health facilities install railings for similar reasons. However, these galvanised railings are versatile and can also be used for decorative purposes.

Modern industrial design is the trend nowadays. Looking closely, a warehouse is the design inspiration for many industrial interiors, and most property owners favour the beauty of raw and spacious interiors. This can be achieved through simple materials – including pipe railings.

Commercial facilities aim to maximise their spaces, so they make use of modern industrial design. Shopping facilities use these railings to complete their window displays. Many dining facilities, especially coffee shops, incorporate pipe railings in their interior design.

Install Railings for Your Warehouse or Facility

Install railings for your warehouse or facility

Pipe railings made from galvanised materials are practical and useful in your warehouse or facility. You can complete your industrial interiors and not worry so much about maintenance or repair. With all the benefits they offer, choosing galvanised pipe railings is worth every dollar!

Durable materials can only last when formed and installed by experienced hands. The  fully-trained expert team at Chainwire Fencing Specialists is equipped with over two decades of professional experience. We offer expertise for all your fencing and railing needs. For any enquiries, contact us or call us at 02 4023 5416 and click here to request for a quote.


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