Types of Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing offers an easy solution to ensure safety and control of an area. It is also convenient for when you are you yet to construct permanent fencing on your property. Its versatility and ease of set up make it an excellent choice for many property owners to serve different purposes.

Before installing a temporary fence, make sure you are familiar with the different types of temporary fencing. Here’s a brief description of some of the common ones.

Types of Temporary Fencing - Temporary fencing

1. Nylon mono-filament fencing

Typically found in construction sites to close off hazardous areas, this type of fence is made from sturdy nylon wire. It is light and easy to transport and install from one place to another. The nylon wire is tough enough to resist corrosion, rusting, stretching, and sagging.

Common uses:

  • Acts as a barrier between the communal and construction areas
  • Used to contain pets and other animals within an area
  • Prevents the entry of invasive animals into the garden
  • Can act as a blank wall to prevent balls from flying too far and hitting someone in sporting activities
  • Some people use it to create a private sanctuary in their garden or yard.
Types of Temporary Fencing - Temporary fencing

This type of fencing is made from strong, galvanised metal woven together. It is a durable fencing solution that offers effective and a sheer blockade. Each panel can be linked together and features a supportive base that enables it to stand upright. This fencing does not need a post driven into the ground, making its installation simple, fast and easy.

Common uses:

  • Acts as a see-through protective barrier on a property.
  • With the addition of three strands of barbed wires on the top, it can effectively prevent intruders from accessing private property.
  • Can be used as a construction hoarding.
  • It is quite versatile as it can be utilised in different establishments such as public parks and reserves, schools, sporting grounds, residential estates, and others.
  • Unconventional as it may sound, but some people also use this fencing to create vertical gardens by hanging plants and succulents on it. Some even anchor vines and other crawling ornamental plants on it.
Types of Temporary Fencing - Temporary fencing

3. Mesh and Pole Fencing

Do you have a pool, or are you considering installing one soon? Then you should know about the Australian swimming pool fencing laws. This law requires a safety fencing around any pool with more than 30cm of water in it.

The same goes for inflatables and other above-ground pools, spas, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis. A mesh and pole fencing is perfect for this purpose. It serves as a protective barrier to prevent accidental falling into the pool. It is sturdy, simple to install, and comes with safety latches for added security.

Types of Temporary Fencing - Temporary fencing

4. Barricade Fencing

Another type of temporary fence is called barricade fencing. Not only does it serve many purposes, but it is also especially noted for its portability. You can arrange barricade fencing in different layouts to suit any boundary requirement. Barricade fencing comes in 2 different types: high-density polyethylene or HDPE barricade and steel barricade.

HDPE barricade is a high-grade plastic barricade which is lighter than the steel type for easier deployment. It is durable and typically has locking mechanisms for enhanced stability. The heavier and more durable steel barricade offers better security compared with the HDPE type barricade.

Barricade fencings provides a temporary blockade and is perfect for an area that requires flexible fencing. It stands alone and can be arranged and rearranged depending on the blockade requirements.

Common Uses:

  • It is typically used in parking lots to systematise and facilitate traffic.
  • It can also be used to block the entry of unauthorised vehicles.
  • It can be used in construction sites to protect expensive and heavy construction equipment.
  • It is commonly used for crowd control during outdoor festivals and concerts and as VIP security.

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