Traditional Wood Fencing vs. Tube and Mesh Fencing

Traditional Wood Fencing vs. Tube and Mesh Fencing

In case you are looking for different options for choosing a particular type of fencing style for you house, then this could well be end of you long search. And if you have had your options boiled down to Traditional Wood fencing and Tube and Mesh fencing, then a simple comparison might guide you in a better way.

Fence is a structure that encloses an area in order to provide security and add to the overall aesthetics of your house. So it is quite plain that the type of fence that you choose plays an important role in the external look of your house. It guarantees privacy and security all at once. Be it the traditional wood fencing or modern-day tube and mesh fencing, one should always have the priorities right so that one might then be in a position of taking a more informed decision. So before going ahead with the comparison between the two fencing options, let us understand them briefly:

Wood Fencing: These fences are made from different types of tree planks like oak, cedar, chestnut, pine, etc. In terms of style, look and privacy, wooden fences provide homeowners a good fencing option. Wood fences are available in wide range of prices, depending on factors like the type of wood and their quality.

Tube and Mesh Fencing: Tube and mesh fences have better functionality than other types of fences. These are able to easily disappear into the background and are quite useful for fencing of agricultural land, pools, pet houses, etc. Apart from the fact that these are quite economic in terms of prices, these have still better utility than wood fences.

Traditional Wood Fencing vs. Tube and Mesh Fencing - Fencing
Traditional Wood Fencing vs. Tube and Mesh Fencing - Fencing


Point by Point Comparison

Costs: Starting with the costs of material and installation, tube and mesh fencing is economic in terms of both.  The cost of wood fences, however, may vary over a wide range of prices, depending on the design and type of wood used for the fencing purposes.

Durability: If you are using hardwood for fencing, then you may rest assured as far as its lifetime durability is concerned. But on the downside, as with the continuously changing trends, people are going for more functional tube and mesh fences. Such fences are still more desirable for commercial premises for the very same reason.

Privacy and Protection: While mesh fences may not add anything to the privacy of the homeowners, they are certainly quite useful when it comes to protection of the area. Those who are not willing to compromise on privacy may go for the wooden fences.

Application and Utility: In terms of applications, tube and mesh fences have much wider applicability. These are more appropriate for commercial uses. Wooden fences are required for specific residential areas in order to complete the overall look of the houses.   

Look: In terms of looks and aesthetics, it is mostly about the amount of money that the customer is willing to shell out for the fences. High-end wooden fences are the foremost options for fencing of your premises and these fences are demanded primarily for the intricate designs and fine grains. Tube and mesh fences, on the other hand blend beautifully with the natural settings and could be a more probable options for open areas.

Natural Disasters: Tube and mesh fences could easily stand the forces of nature and are more desirable for disaster-prone areas. The gaps in-between these fences allow the strong winds and waters to easily pass through them. Wooden fences, contrarily, may not be able to able to withstand the brunt of nature.

Maintenance: As is quite understandable, tube and mesh fences are quite easy to maintain for the long term. Same is with respect to the maintenance costs. Wooden fences require proper and timely maintenance. This includes proper coating and polishing of these wooden planks.

So after considering all these parameters, one could go for the option best suited for their needs. Apart from the two fencing options discussed above, one may look for other types of fences as well which may include vinyl fence, chain link, steel and aluminium fence, etc.


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