Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Chain link fencing does not last forever, but you can make sure it will protect your property for many years – or even decades – with regular maintenance.

Here are some DIY maintenance tips to help you take care of your fence this summer.

Remove debris

Foliage can accumulate during the summer, so it is a great time to clean your fence. Pull out unwanted plant growth and clear away leaves, vines, or branches that have wedged between the rails and boards.

Check for rocks, concrete, tree roots, and other obstructions that may have lodged onto the foundation of your fence.  Do not allow trees to grow along the perimeter as roots can warp your security fencing.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer - Fence

Clean your fence every few months

If you have chain link, steel, or aluminium fencing, hose it down at least once a year. Prepare a solution of soap and water and scrub down stubborn dirt with a soft brush. Sand away those scratches with a steel wool.

If you have vinyl fencing, clean off stains with a special vinyl cleaning solution every three to six months. Do not attempt to repaint the fence. If it needs a fresh coat, hire a professional.

If you have wood fencing, mix one part bleach with two parts water to scrub away stubborn spots. You can also buy a special wood cleaning solution. If you notice any discolouration, use a stain with a matching colour to fix it.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer - Fence

Check and repair damage

After cleaning your fence, look for signs of physical damage or movement. You can repair the damage yourself or hire a professional to do it.

Metal fences do not require painting but you may do so if you want to. If you decide to paint your fence, allow individual layers to dry before painting over to prevent flaking.

Wooden fences, on the other hand, are prone to water damage so regular staining is a must.

Loose nails can lead to more serious damage so make sure you fix them straight away and tighten all loose screws and bolts during regular maintenance. If you notice any leaning or sagging, replace the damaged sections right away.

Replace pickets and palings regularly.

The gate receives the most abuse when opening and closing so pay close attention to its hardware.

After it rains or snows, walk around the perimeter and check for signs of rust on the hinges and screws.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer - Fence

Keep your fence rustproof

Without a proper coating, chain link fencing is vulnerable to moisture and therefore rust. Morning dew, rain and snow can shorten the life of your fence without corrosion protection.

After cleaning your metal fence, apply wax and then mineral oil to the springs, latches, joints, hinges, and other small components.

Keeping your gate rust-free is very important as opening and closing could become difficult if rust is allowed to form on the hinges.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence in the Summer - Fence

Do not hang or install heavy attachments

Installing attachments by drilling screw holes into the fence can affect its structural integrity, especially if your fencing is made of vinyl.

Hanging heavy items on your fence can lead to sagging and warping.

Call a pro

If the damage is serious and it affects the stability of your fence structure, it is best to call a professional. Fencing specialists will be able to repair complex problems in the shortest time possible.

Whether your fencing is made of steel, vinyl or wood, it is important to properly maintain the perimeter and keep your property secure. Do not wait for significant damage to occur before you pay attention to the little things. If you need help in maintaining your fence, contact your Newcastle fencing experts at Chainwire Fencing Specialist.


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