Thinking about installing your own chainwire fence? Think again!

Chainwire fencing in suburban areas such as Adamstown, Australia is a very important element in terms of security.  Chainwire fencing offers homeowners security from intruders and stray animals. When installed the proper way it can add an aesthetic charm to ones home. Fencing that is not properly installed is a major problem that can put families at risk.  Fencing that is not secure or doesn’t meet certain guidelines can be extremely hazardous.

The dangers of not having a fence properly installed are as follows:

  • Makes the premises vulnerable to intruders and stray animals.
  • A fence that is not secure can fall over and harm pedestrians at any moment.
  • If too much pressure is applied, such as when a child leans on the fence, it may collapse causing harm to the child.
  • A fence that is carelessly installed may have sharp edges than can harm pedestrians.
  • Fencing not properly installed around pools or any body of water can result in drowning.
  • Fencing not properly installed on the second level of a 2-story home can result in severe falling injuries.

Homeowners should never take on the crucial project of installing a fence on their own. There are several important elements to consider when installing a fence such as: local and state laws, professional guidelines and the safety of one’s family and belongings. Providing a secure environment for one’s family is priceless. That is why hiring the best fencing company is such an important matter in suburban areas like Adamstown, where there are a substantial number of families.

Hiring the right fencing company does not mean spending a ton of money. Finding the right fencing company requires proper research and evaluation. When hiring a fencing company one must takes these factors into consideration:

  • Experience – The years of experience the company has and how long it’s been around. Newer fencing companies may lack the experience needed to get the job done properly.
  • Relevant insurance – A company that is not insured is a red flag. Most companies won’t come out and say they aren’t insured so make sure to ask.
  • Meet State and Government Standards – Make sure the company is up to date on state and government standards because if a fence is not installed in accordance the homeowner may be held responsible.

Chainwire fencing is considered the fencing specialists. With over 15 years of experience they cover every aspect of chainwire fencing. They meet all of the factors listed above and offer a hassle free quote to anyone in need of fencing. Simply call 0425-201- 252 for more information.


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