The Star Picket Explained (a patented system)

star picket fencing specialist - The Star Picket Explained (a patented system)

What is the Star Picket and what makes it a great choice?

There are many different kinds of fences for various functions and locations. Each type has its own purpose, and it should not be too difficult to choose the fence that is perfect for you. While a good choice of fence material is important, the integrity of your fence must also be optimal for overall efficacy and high quality.

Most fences nowadays use a Star Picket. Whether this is the first time you’ve heard about it or you have already looked into this type of post, here are some things you should know about a star picket.

What is a Star Picket?

A star picket is a pointed metal fence post. It is the vertical element that holds down the structure of your fence. It has three strips of metal, so it can also be called a T or Y post because of its cross-section shapes.

It is commonly made of carbon steel, and also sometimes manufactured using rail steel. These steel fence posts are used to support different types of wire or wire mesh. They have studs or nubs, which prevent the barbed wire or wire mesh from sliding either up or down the post. This provides effective stability. They may be designated as 1.01, 1.25 or 1.33 depending on the weight in pounds for every lineal foot.

The Star Picket Explained (a patented system) - Star Picket
The Star Picket Explained (a patented system) - Star Picket


Why should you choose a Star Picket fence post?

  • There are different types to choose from.

A star picket fence post also has varieties like the most common Australia style Y post. Other types that are available include:

  1. USA style T studded post,
  2. a European style T post,
  3. Y posts with teeth,
  4. U post,
  5. a square or round post, and
  6. a peach post

There are also various shapes with different kinds of post caps and clips to choose from. Select the best shape that matches the needs of your fence.

  • It is made with high quality and superior material.

Compared to other fence posts, star pickets have the advantage. Timber posts are prone to splinter, rot, or be eaten by termites, but star pickets are resistant to these. They are made of high-quality steel that is more durable and far better than the components of a traditional timber or concrete fence post. Because of its high quality, you can expect a star picket to last long periods of time, even decades.

  • It is also superior to other metal fence posts.

Metals are prone to rust, but star pickets are covered with a high-quality zinc coating, PVC/PE coating, black bitumen, or baked enamel which provides resistance to oxygen, water or moisture, and eventually, corrosion. They are also protected against the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  • Star pickets are a cost effective choice.

They are affordable. As this material is long lasting, you also get the most for your money by choosing star picket fence posts.

  • Enjoy a quick and easy installation.

A post pounder is all you need to complete the job. You simply hammer the star picket without a flange plate into the ground with either a manual post pounder or pneumatic post pounder. For star pickets with flange plates, they can be installed on the ground by welding or connecting bolts.

Contact our highly qualified professionals today and we would be happy to give you expert advice on what star picket is most suitable for you and the design you prefer. The experience we have with star picket fence posts assures you of the best service and high-quality fence in no time.


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