Temporary Fencing Ideas For Your Outdoor Events

Temporary Fencing Ideas For Your Outdoor Events

Secure your outdoor event and improve crowd control and traffic with temporary fencing.

The security of everyone is vital in every public event and crowd gathering. Whether it is a sports event, school event, concert, or a conference where a large number of people are expected to gather, risks, if left uncontrolled, can result in injuries.

When people gather in a crowd, they act in ways that they will not do when they are alone. They become more excitable, and some become unaware of their surroundings. They are confident that they are safe since they are in a crowd.

Thus, certain measures must be established to maintain the pace and flow of the event. This is to ensure the safety of everyone in the venue, as well as that of the property. Poor and haphazard security can lead to disastrous results where people can get hurt or injured.

How to Choose the Right Event Security Method

How to choose the right event security method

Choosing the right event and crowd security method is essential to make it successful and effective. Here are the factors that affect your choice of security method.

  • Your audience
  • Your location
  • Type of event
  • The flow of the event or traffic

An example of a crowd security tool or method is using temporary fencing. Temporary fencing can help ward off unwanted crowds, control foot and vehicular traffic, and keep off people from unauthorised areas.

Types of temporary fencing

There are different types of temporary fencing that you can choose from for your special events. Temporary fencing is also used in schools, parks, sports stadiums, commercial yards, and public pools.

Here are some temporary fencing ideas that you can consider.

Temporary Fencing - Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences are one of the cost-effective and commonly used types of fences. They are often found in sports arenas and stadiums, parks, and universities. They are used in parking lots and other public places, to protect the safety of the property and the people.

Chain-link fences can be used as temporary fencing in outdoor concerts and sporting events. They can keep the crowds contained in specific areas, and help keep rowdy and excited crowds in check.

Chain-link fences can also be used to enclose temporary parking areas for special events. They can help keep stray animals and people with malicious intentions off the grounds.

Chain link fences are also used for carnivals and theme parks to keep patrons safe and to keep unauthorised people off some high-risk grounds.

Temporary Fencing - Portable Steel Barricades

Portable steel barricades

Also known as bike rack barricades or French-style barricades, portable steel barricades are commonly used in outdoor events such as concerts, sports games, and marathons. They offer the benefits of portability, and they can easily be taken down after the event.

These steel barricades are used to control the flow of traffic, such as in marathons, fun runs, and biking events. They can also be used to guide spectators to designated areas. Portable steel barricades are also used to keep the crowd from wandering into unsafe and prohibited grounds.

Temporary Fencing - Plastic Barricades

Plastic barricades

Plastic barricades can also be used to control the crowd in outdoor events. They are lightweight materials, making them perfect as temporary fencing. They are easy to transport and easy to set up and dismantle.

They are usually used with other temporary fencing options to provide better and stronger crowd control.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing

Benefits of temporary fencing

Aside from the obvious safety benefits, here are the other reasons why you should invest in high-quality temporary fencing for your outdoor events.

  • They are easy to install.

Fencing for one-time events must be easy to deploy, dismantle, and transport. This makes them the perfect choice to provide safety and crowd management for events with a large gathering of people. With temporary fencing, you will not waste precious time in setting up and taking down of your fencing.

  • They are versatile.

Temporary fencing options are versatile and have varied applications. Not only can they provide foot traffic control, but they can also provide vehicular traffic control. They help keep outsiders who are not allowed or have not purchased tickets off the event grounds.

They also help provide a distinction between the playing grounds and the audience in sporting events. This helps keep the audience safe from flying balls, and the players as well from excited fans.

  • They are attractive to look at.

High-quality fencing will not be an eyesore in your outdoor events. They are made only from the best materials to ensure their durability and aesthetics. They do not look cheap and will not negatively affect the setup of your outdoor event.

  • They give great advertising opportunities.

If you have installed chain-link fencing around your event area, you can use it as a place to hang your event posters and announcements. They provide you with effective yet free advertising spots to promote your upcoming events.

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