Pros and Cons of Installing Chainwire Fencing in Schools

Pros and Cons of Installing Chainwire Fencing in Schools

When it comes to schools, security is a top priority. Schools house many expensive equipment, like computers and projectors, so they are a prime target for thieves. Given these real threats, it is best to consider having chainwire fencing installed.

Fencing isn’t only for security. It can also be used around sports fields or storage areas. In any case, you have to think about the different factors involved in the issue, like costs, security, and accessibility. To help you make your decision, here’s a list of the pros and cons of installing chainwire fencing in your institution. 

Pros of installing chainwire fencing

There are many reasons why schools like to install chainwire fencing around or inside their campuses. 

  • Security

The number one reason is for security fencing. Other schools also install press formed spear top or Brentwood style fencing. 

What’s the security benefit of perimeter fencing? It makes it harder for intruders to access the internal premises of the school, since you can monitor who comes in and out of the gate. In fact, the NSW Education and Communities installed security fencing in 853 schools in 2013, investing more than $99 million in the process. They found that there was a significant reduction in breaking and entering cases, as well as decreased vandalisms. Though the price might be high, there’s no price tag to children’s safety. 

  • Peace of mind

The safety of children and students is a top concern of parents and communities. Adding chainwire fencing to schools is one concrete way to put to rest a lot of worries. 

This feeling of safety can also help children focus on their studies more. 

  • Playing sports

Lower-cost chainwire fencing can also be used to delineate areas. It can be used as a boundary between different fields, whether they are for football, rugby, or general playing. 

Another plus for adding chainwire fencing is to avoid any sports-related accidents. Fences can stop wayward balls from hitting unintended targets like windows, parked cars, or other children.

Cons of installing chainwire fencing

Of course, there are negative sides to every decision. Most concerns are related to budget and consequences. 

  • Installation and Maintenance Costs

Installing chainwire fencing around the perimeter of the school can definitely add costs. Not only that, but there will be added costs related to maintenance. 

The school has to arrange increased duties for the maintenance staff and also for the groundskeeping personnel. These are necessary expenses since a chainwire fence that’s not properly maintained can prove to be dangerous for children as well. 

  • Emergency evacuation
Pros and Cons of Installing Chainwire Fencing in Schools - Chainwire Fencing

One of the concerns commonly raised about installing chain wire fencing is the difficulty of exiting during emergencies. Since there will be limitations in access, the students, faculty and staff of the school have to prepared to pass through few gates to exit. 

This can easily be remedied with practice and proper protocols. Good design of exit points can strike the right balance between accessibility and safety. 

Bad risk assessment

Too high a fence would be unnecessarily restricting or costly, while too low a fence would prove to be ineffective in protecting the school. However, this is something that can be addressed by good risk assessment and fence planning. 

Don’t sacrifice your security needs. Plan your fencing properly. To get the right balance of security, function, and costs, consult our experts today.


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