New Fencing Technology for 2017

swansea fencing - New Fencing Technology for 2017

Fences may seem to be basic structures at your home or establishment, but they play an important role in keeping your property safe and secure. In the olden days, fences were just simply pieces of wood or iron that were erected to keep people or animals out of the area. Since then, the needs of property owners for safety and security have evolved over the years, designers in the fencing industry adapted by developing new technology that will produce better fences.

Here are some of the new fencing technology that you might want to include in your property this year.

High Tensile Fences

Fences are essential in agriculture to contain animals in an area. For many years, low carbon wire was used to build fences in farms. This type of wire is made from a steel rod containing 0.1% carbon. It is quite easy to work with but is highly likely to stretch and sag, so it requires regular maintenance.

High Tensile Fences were developed wherein the steel rod used has a higher carbon content of about 0.3%. This results in a stronger fence that is more resistant to breaking. It is also lighter which makes it easier to install. They do not need regular maintenance since re-tensioning is not needed.

Fences with fibre optic detectors

This type of fence is slowly rising in popularity because of its ability to cover a perimeter of up to 16 kilometres. A light pulse is transmitted along a fibre optic cable. A part of this light pulse is reflected back towards a detector. A static fibre will produce a stable wave, but a disturbance will cause the optical fibre to vibrate which will lead to fluctuation in the reflected light pulse.

Sensor Fences

High quality fences are needed to secure properties with a huge perimeter such as airports, military bases, and prisons. High-tech fences utilising microwave, fibre optics, or strain gauge systems were developed but were found to be too expensive.

Designers then came up with a sensor fence that incorporates tensioned steel wires and vibration sensors in its design. It is connected to software that interprets vibrations coming from the fence and identifies disturbances that occur in an area of 50 feet. It can also distinguish if the vibrations were caused by an intruder or by natural elements such as wind or rain.

Fences with microphone cables

This type of fence has a system similar to a radar. An electric pulse or ‘echo’ is sent throughout the cable. A static fence will result in a stable electric pulse. However, a disturbance in the fence caused by an intruder will lead to fluctuation of the electric pulse. The system included in this type of fence can identify the location of the source of intrusion. It has a wide scope of up to 3 kilometres.

New Fencing Technology for 2017 - Fencing

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Fences are extremely important to keep your home or business safe and secure. This is why experts have made a conscientious effort to improve the way fences are built over the years. However, state-of the-art technology is futile if it is not used correctly. If you wish to put up a fence in your area, there is no other company that you should turn to than Chainwire Fencing Specialist.

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