Increase Your Home Security

Increase Your Home Security

Home security involves covering all bases, from fencing installation, alarms, locks, and beyond. There are many ways of maximising home security, and this article compiled by the team here at Chainwire Fencing Specialist, in Newcastle, NSW will discuss some of them for your information – here are 15 ways to increase the security in your home.

Illuminate all areas of the house

1. Illuminate all areas of the house

First, always make sure that all areas of the house are well-lit. Take particular care to light up all the entry points of the home. Also, it helps increase visibility in these areas, so remove any obstructions where people can hide.

2. Minimise unwanted access

Without a way to minimise access, intruders can just traipse into one’s property. Some good ideas for preventing this from happening are the following:

  • Fencing installations are an excellent way of minimising access. Common fencing solutions for homes include chainwire in rural areas or spear tops/tubular fencing in urban areas.
  • Plants are effectively used in some homes to minimise access from outside. Thorny or obstructive plants work particularly well.
Arm the house with an alarm system

3. Arm the house with an alarm system

Alarm systems act as both a deterrent and a way of quickly contacting authorities. Just make sure to do the following regarding alarm systems:

  • Strategize regarding the placement of the alarm triggers and sound system.
  • Learn how to arm and disarm the alarm.
  • Prevent false alarms as these are punishable by law in some areas.
  • Regularly check if the alarm system works.

4. Invest in a smart doorbell system

Smart doorbell systems may seem like a novelty item, but they’re also excellent for home security. By using a smart doorbell system, you can check who is ringing, keep a record of visitors or intruders, and communicate via speakers. Among the biggest advantages is remote access – even if you are away, the smart doorbell system keeps recording.

Strategize CCTV placement

5. Strategize CCTV placement

CCTV cameras are effective deterrents. Most intruders would have second thoughts about breaking into a home with these installed. If a break-in does occur, CCTV footage serves as an excellent piece of evidence.

6. Install the best locks within budget

Some locks are more effective than others. However, modern locks, which have extra security features, can get quite expensive. There’s still no price high enough for good security and peace of mind. As such, get the best locks within your budget. Some good choices include:

  • Mortise locks involve a mechanism that’s tough to break for intruders.
  • Smart locks, which are remotely controlled, usually also have extra features.
  • Biometric locks, sometimes pricey but often effective.
Use a combination of different locks

7. Use a combination of different locks

Just because a lock is expensive doesn’t immediately mean that it’s unbreakable. As a failsafe, it’s a good idea to use a combination of different locks. A combination of a deadbolt and a mortise lock, for example, provides excellent security.

8. Decrease visibility from the outside

Information is crucial to any burglar. Therefore, it’s important to minimise the amount of information available to potential intruders. The simple act of decreasing a home’s visibility from the outside is a practical way of doing this. Obscuring the view will give robbers a harder time casing the property. Some strategies for lowering visibility include:

  • Shutters and blinds are simple but highly effective at keeping away prying eyes.
  • Applying tint or films to windows can reduce visibility from the outside but not from the inside.
  • Fencing installation can also obscure the view from outside the property.
Install window and glass-break sensors

9. Install window and glass-break sensors

Some sensors can detect if windows are opened or broken. Some of these sensors detect activity from one window, while others detect activity room-wide. Make sure to strategize when buying these sensors as multiple units can get quite pricey.

10. Reinforce a door’s weak points

No matter how strong a door is, it will always have weak points. These include the hinges, locks, and knob. Reinforce these parts to reduce the chances of break-ins through the door.

Use a latch guard with sliding doors

11. Use a latch guard with sliding doors

Sliding doors are easy to derail, giving intruders access to the home. Luckily, latch guards can prevent this from happening. Make sure you install latch guards on all sliding doors. These can also sometimes work with sliding windows.

12. Think of ways to deter trespassers

Many deterrents can effectively keep trespassers away. These include:

  • Deception: Make people think that there’s a lot of activity at home. Ways of doing this include playing music or keeping the lights on.
  • Dogs: It’s hard to break into a house if there’s a dog constantly on guard.
  • Devices: Burglar deterrents are available on the market. There are different devices, like ones that produce flickering lights to mimic the effect of a TV.
Secure the garage

13. Secure the garage

Many homeowners neglect garage security. Poorly made garage doors are easy to break into, which is why it’s important to pay close attention to these. Some ways to increase garage security include:

  • Investing in a sturdy garage door, with the material strong enough to withstand repeated impact.
  • Automating your garage door activation. Also, it would help to illuminate and install cameras in this area.
  • Checking for corrosion. Corroded garage doors are easier to break into.

14. Set up a neighbourhood watch

Make security a collective effort. Inform your neighbours when you plan to leave the house empty and ask them to look out for any suspicious activity. Of course, you should do the same when they’re out of town.

Do a routine security check

15. Do a routine security check

Finally, regularly check for any malfunctions with alarm systems, locks, and other security items. Effective home security needs these in their top form.

Fencing installation can increase your home security

Don’t get left behind when it comes to security. Burglars come up with new ways of breaking in, so it’s vital for your home’s security to continue adapting.

Fencing is a cost-effective way of keeping intruders out. If it’s fencing installation that you need, Chainwire Fencing Specialist is a fencing solutions provider in Newcastle that is worth considering. Learn more about us by clicking here or call us on 02 4023 5416 for enquiries and quotes.


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