How to Choose Chain Wire Fencing Products

How to Choose Chain Wire Fencing Product

Wire material and coating and mesh size are some of the aspects to consider.

Different fencing requirements call for different fencing products. The choices can be overwhelming, and deciding which one is best can be confusing, especially for the inexperienced. With different varieties to choose from as well as different materials and types, we want to help clarify things for you. Here are some things you should consider to help you decide and pick out the best chain wire fencing product.

Wire Material and Coating

Wire Material and Coating

When it comes to fencing wire material, the typical choices are stainless steel and aluminium. The wires may be coated in PVC or galvanised, and both coatings provide added resilience to the wire material.

  • Stainless Steel

Pros: Durable; can withstand high temperatures; can sustain harsh weather conditions, retains their shape, and has high alkali resistance.

Cons: Not flexible and stretchable; costs more than its aluminium counterpart.

Recommended for: Highways, railroads, airports, and other high-level applications.

  • Aluminium

Pros: Resistant to corrosion and weather conditions; high tensile strength; lightweight; low-maintenance; inexpensive; and easy to relocate.

Cons: Weaker compared to stainless steel

Recommended for: School grounds, ranch, yards, and other private and public enclosures.

Wire Gauge and Mesh Sizes

Wire Gauge and Mesh Sizes

The strength of the wire depends on the gauge, while the security risks depend on the mesh size. Thicker wires have a lower gauge and are suitable for commercial use. Wires with higher gauge, up to size 13, are good for temporary fencing. Smaller mesh size is suitable for industrial and other high-security fencing uses; whereas, larger mesh size is ideal for residential use. The mid-size mesh is typically used in recreational grounds.

Roll Height

Roll Height

Chain wire mesh comes in a variety of heights to suit different applications. Security fencing usually requires taller wire mesh up to 2700mm. For domestic fencing, 1200mm to 1800mm are common. For sports facilities, use of 3000mm to 3600mm tall mesh wire is common.

Gates and Barb Wires

Gates and Barb Wires

Some chain wire fencing may require an opening or a gate, and most fencing service providers offer a gate meshed with chain wire. The opening may range from 1 metre or more, while the height can be customised based on the client’s requirement.

Security fences may be fitted with barb wires above it to deter anyone from climbing over the fence. To add barb wires, use extending clamp or posts that are taller than the chain wire roll.

Posts And Rails

Posts and Rails

Chain wire fencing may be attached to galvanised steel pipe posts using tie wire that may be galvanised or PVC coated. The posts come in different thicknesses and diameters, depending on the application.

The rails also serve an essential purpose in reinforcing the chain wire fence. The top rail helps hold up the chain mesh, while the bottom rail prevents people and animals from passing under the chain wire.


The amount of time and care you can give the fencing can also be a factor in choosing the right chain wire fencing. It is only right to consider maintenance in this kind of investment. If you like the idea of low-maintenance but durable chain wire fencing, for example, then a stainless steel wire may be a good option. Choose the kind of fencing that can withstand wear and tear and therefore last a long time if you want the best value for your money.

Let’s Take the Guesswork Out of Your Fencing Project!

With many options and factors to consider, we understand you can still feel unsure about choosing the best chain wire fencing. It’s a good thing that the Chainwire Fencing Specialists are here to help you figure out the best choice according to your fencing requirements.

With over two decades of experience in the field, we are your trusted fencing contractor in NSW! For help with chain wire fencing in Newcastle, Central Coast, and Hunter, contact Chainwire Fencing Specialists today!


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