How is Chainwire Fencing Used In and Around Sports Grounds?

How is Chainwire Fencing Used In and Around Sports Grounds?

Sport is an integral part of Australian culture. Sports activities help create stronger, healthier and happier communities. They bring people together and provide healthy social interaction.

Sports grounds are beneficial for communities. It is, therefore, just as essential to keep it safe and protected through fencing.

How is Chainwire Fencing Used In and Around Sports Grounds? - Sports Grounds

Why sports grounds need fencing

Sports grounds fencing is essential for the following reasons:

  • It keeps the facilities safe.
  • It keeps spectators safe during sporting events.
  • It keeps neighbouring homes safe during sporting events.
  • It prevents stray balls from becoming hazards to spectators and neighbours.
  • It prevents animal access such as dogs, rabbits, and foxes, so they do not damage the sports grounds.
  • It prevents unauthorised access.
  • It enhances the appearance of sports grounds.

Uses of Chain-Wire Fencing in Sports Grounds

Uses of chain-wire fencing in sports grounds

A chain-wire fence can be installed in sports ground for different purposes. Here are some of the ways a chain-wire fence can be useful in sports grounds.

  • Basketball and Netball Court Fencing

Ball games can sometimes get out of hand. A chain-wire fence can be installed to keep the game contained. Out of control balls can hurt spectators or passers-by. A chain-wire fence can also protect the players from things that can interrupt the game, or worse, injure them. Chain-wire fencing can also be used to separate multiple basketball courts in bigger sports grounds, allowing for simultaneous games.

A chain-wire fence is perfect for maintaining visibility from both sides of the fence. Players can see what’s going on outside of the court. Spectators can enjoy the game safely on the other side of the fence as well.

  • Tennis Court Fencing

Like with basketball and netball, tennis balls can fly out of control. Being hit with a flying tennis ball can be painful. A chain-wire fence serves to protect neighbouring properties, game spectators, and passers-by.

It also allows parallel games for sports grounds with multiple tennis courts. It increases the beauty and appeal of the courts, making it more attractive to players and enthusiasts.

  • Baseball/Softball Diamond Enclosure

Nobody wants to get hit by a flying baseball. A chain-wire fence is a perfect barrier for a baseball or softball playing area. It protects from injuries and fatalities caused by batted or thrown balls. It also keeps particulars out of the playing field for safety purposes. It can be used as a baseball backstop fence or batting cage fence.

  • Cricket Net Fencing

Batsmen and bowlers use a cricket net fence for practice and warm-ups. A fast-flying cricket ball can severely hurt and injure someone. A cricket net fence prevents a fast-flying cricket ball form going farther away from the grounds.

  • Car Park Fencing

Sports grounds with parking facilities need to protect the cars of its patrons. A chain-wire fence is an effective way to protect the patrons’ vehicles from vandals, thieves, and flying balls. It can also protect the patrons’ cars from wandering animals, such as cats, dogs, and other wild creatures.

An adequately fenced car park will make your patrons feel more safe and secured. They can play without worrying about the safety of their cars and properties.

  • Grounds Boundary Fencing

Whether the sports ground is part of a private sports club or is freely open to the public, it still needs to be fenced properly. It allows sports authorities to separate the paying from the non-paying spectators for paid sports games. Aside from keeping off trespassers, it can help lower the insurance premium that you pay for the sports ground’s coverage.

Chain-wire fences are also useful in separating the player areas from the spectator areas. High profile sports personalities may not feel safe without boundary fencing. The separation between players and spectators allows for a smoother and uninterrupted game.

Property demarcation is necessary to keep off vandals and people with malicious intentions. Unauthorised people, such as vendors and solicitors, are also deterred.

  • School Fencing

Sports grounds located within university and school grounds should be fenced to mark various playing areas. It would protect the rest of the student body whenever games are ongoing.

A sturdy and high-quality chain-wire fence helps ensure the safety of the students and other school facilities that surround the sports grounds. Some unknowing students passing nearby may get hit of a flying ball. Players may lose balance and go out of control, hitting spectators and passers-by.

Other uses of chain-wire fencing in sports grounds include rugby field fencing, futsal ground fencing, low-level fencing, and high-level fencing.

Benefits of Installing Chain-Wire Fences in Sports Grounds

Benefits of installing chain-wire fences in sports grounds

There are many types of fencing available, but a chain-wire fence is your best option for sports grounds. Here are the benefits of installing a chain-wire fence on sports grounds.

  • It is durable and lasts for a long time.

Chain-wire fences are made of galvanised steel, making them durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to the harsh effects of the environment, making them a cost-effective choice for outdoor fencing. They can withstand extreme weather, so that you can have peace of mind no matter the season and the weather conditions.

  • It is low-maintenance and easy to repair.

Unlike other types of fencing, chain-wire fences are easy to manage and repair. No matter how durable your fence is, it cannot avoid damages from wear and tear. However, you do not need to replace the whole fence when damages do occur. It does not affect the other parts of the fence. All you need to do is replace the damaged part, and leave the rest untouched.

  • It does not block your visibility.

What makes chain-wire fencing the best option for sports grounds is that it does not affect your visibility. Spectators can still see the game even if there is fencing around the field or court.

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