How Chainwire Fencing Works Well in Parking Lots

How Chainwire Fencing Works Well in Parking Lots

Protect your customers and their property by installing top quality chainwire fencing in the parking lot.


Chainwire fencing, sometimes called chain mesh or chainlink, is a fence made of galvanised metal, stainless steel, or aluminium. It serves as a protective barrier for many private properties to serve as an additional security measure. There are plenty of fencing types to choose from, but the chainwire fencing remains popular because of its many benefits.

If you own or manage a parking lot, installing a chainwire fence is necessary, responsible, and practical. Read on to find out why we think so.

Why choose chainwire fencing for parking lots

Property owners can choose to install walls or gates around the parking area; however, there are reasons why they still prefer to have chainwire fencing. Find out why it is a top choice.

Chainwire fencing lasts for a long time


Chainwire fencing lasts for a long time; that’s why it’s always a top choice. It will remain sturdy even with extreme Australian weather. Property owners can also request the option of additional coating to give it greater durability. Even chainwire fencing made of aluminium is still strong enough to withstand the elements from a harsh environment. It will show no signs of rotting, so it’s even more pleasing to the eyes.


In case of any damage, chainwire fences are easy to repair. Because of how chainwire fencing is made, the property owner can just replace the damaged part as opposed to installing a whole new fence altogether. That makes it convenient for them to keep the fence in its top shape. Chainwire fencing is also low maintenance, and that’s why it is a good type of security barrier.


A parking lot must be secure; otherwise, car owners would park somewhere else. Enclosing the whole property with a chainwire fence will keep trespassers and crooks away. It’s a way to protect both the vehicles and their owners.

The fence also keeps animals away because they may cause scratches or other damages. No matter what neighbourhood or city the parking lot is in, it would always be better to make it more secure.

The chainwire fence makes it easy to hold signs in place


This added benefit is something that not many people take advantage of. The chainwire fence makes it easy to hold signs in place. It is necessary to put up signs indicating that the parking lot is private property. Even advertisements can be put up by property owners to attract more customers. Installing security cameras on the fencing can also make it even more secure. All of these are made possible by the grid pattern of the galvanised metal.

Having a big parking lot might be grim to monitor


Having a big parking lot might be grim to monitor. With chainwire fencing, however, guards and customers can see outside the property because it is visible through the fence. Even from the outside, individuals will also be able to keep an eye on their vehicles. It would not be possible if the parking lot owner decided to install walls instead. Visibility is a big advantage compared to other fencing types.


Because the chainwire fence is made of low-cost stainless steel, it becomes the most affordable option for parking lots. It is possible to cover the whole area while saving a considerable chunk of the budget.

Chainlink fencing is also easily available compared to other fencing types, which makes it easy to acquire. Installation is not much of a problem because fencing specialists would take care of that.


Customising chainwire fencing according to your fencing needs is also possible. There may be standard heights and widths of fences in your city. With chainwire fencing, property owners can decide on the dimensions that would work best for the parking lot. You can likewise tailor the iconic diamond grid pattern or design to your preference. The chainwire fencing’s flexibility is popular for personal and business purposes.

Chainwire fencing is one the easiest to install

Easy installation

Among the different fencing types, chainwire fencing is one the easiest to install. Posts must be set onto the ground (or in concrete) where the fence will be attached. The posts are set at particular intervals then the wire can be stretched and attached. Even if the chainwire fence installs easily, it is still advisable to let fencing specialists do it. They can do the job much faster, and they have enough experience to fix it as securely as possible.

Install chainwire fencing for your property now

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