Good dog fence makes good neighbours

Good dog fence makes good neighbours - Chainwire Fencing Newcastle

Owning pets, specifically dogs, is not just the best choice that you can make, but a healthy one, too. Backed by science, it is said that having dogs at home can be beneficial to your emotional and physical well-being. They are not just your companion or family member, but they can also be your stress-reliever, mood-booster, and an advocate for a healthier you. Generally, and most people would agree to this, taking care of dogs is a great choice in creating a healthier and happier home.

Unfortunately though, living with dogs can be a problem when it comes to small spaces and living in a neighbourhood. Although most people are fond of dogs, some are just not comfortable being around them. Some complain about the noise, their endless barking, others complain about the mess that they leave behind, while some are scared of the danger that they are possible to create in a neighbourhood.

It is especially difficult to live in a neighbourhood which is not the most dog, or pet-friendly.  To help create a safer and happier neighbourhood, and to keep your dogs out of shelter homes, you can opt to have a chain wire fencing around your backyard where your dogs can have a space of their own to run around, play, and stay in.

Why opt for chain wire fencing?

  • Chain wire fencing acts as a barrier to keep things inside the fence in, and the outside things out. In this particular case, this kind of fencing keeps your dog inside your place while keeping others out of your property. You are not only securing your dog’s safety but you are also providing a safe neighbourhood for your neighbours, most especially for their kids who are more prone to the dangers and risks that a dog may impose, e.g. dog bites.
  • Chain wire fencing creates a more peaceful neighbourhood, literally. It is commonly acknowledged that dogs are easily teased by something or someone that they see which they are not familiar with. If a passerby teases your pooches, intentionally or accidentally, they have the tendency to be agitated and frustrated. With this arousal, you can expect a more excited dog who may keep on barking until they are able to release their frustration. Most neighbours report this kind of disturbance, either by annoyance or concern, so to avoid this, you can install a chain wire fencing in your backyard which can be further improved by bamboo rolls or simple wood slants, so you can lessen the attention and “threats” that your dogs are getting.
  • Chain wire fencing ensures your dog’s safety. By securing your dogs in your own space, you are reducing the risk of them getting lost, stolen, poisoned or shot accidentally, or surrendered to sheltered homes. When you build a chain wire fencing around your backyard, you are providing a safe haven for your dogs.
  • Chain wire fencing helps promote privacy for your home, especially if you live in a neighbourhood with little to no backyard at all, this kind of fencing helps to separate your space from your neighbours’. Chain wire fencing enables you to secure your property from others’. You are also to contain your dogs on your own space and preventing them from wandering around unfamiliar places.
  • Chain wire fencing gives freedom to your pooches. Freedom to run and play around your own property. If you are used to keeping your dogs inside or chaining them outside your home so that they will not be out of your sight, chain wire fencing can help you ensure their safety while letting them, well, be dogs. By providing them their own secured place, you are also promoting a happier and healthier home for them. 
Good Dog Fence Makes Good Neighbours

Overall, chain wire fencing is a great option for securing a safe haven for your pets. They are not only versatile, readily available, and durable; they also help in keeping your dogs safe and can help in promoting a securer, more peaceful community. By providing a protected shelter for your pooches, you are also doing your part as a neighbour by making sure that your pets are not roaming around freely, which others may see as a danger to their kids and home.

Furthermore, you can also improve the security of your chain wire fencing. Some owners encounter problems if their dog is a jumper, a digger, or a constant-barker. Below is a list on how you could improve your chain wire fencing around your home to better ensure safety and protection for your furry best friends:

  • Install an L-footer. If you have dogs who love to dig, say to hide a bone or escape, you can install an L-footer to further secure your backyard. An L-footer is a chain wire fencing that laid down afoot your fence forming an “L” shape that prevents the pooches to dig underground the fencing. If this isn’t enough to secure them, you can opt to use concrete instead below your fence for a stronger barrier!
  • A coyote roller or lean-in is your answer if you have a jumper. If your dogs like to jump, for fun, or to escape, you should install a lean-in or a coyote roller on top of your chain wire fencing. Rollers and lean-ins make it impossible for your dogs to get a grip on the top of your fence, preventing them from escaping. Rollers are like pipes on top of a fence while lean-ins are built with an angle slightly horizontal to the ground. You can even do it yourself if your budget does not permit you to install one. Just get a sturdy pipe to install on top of your fence!
  • Put up bamboo or reed rolls for more security and privacy. Pooches like to wander around, and when they see something they like, or smell something that is pleasant to their noses, you can be assured that they will do anything to get it. To help you discipline them when they see something outside your backyard, you can opt to put a bamboo or reed rolls around the fence to block the view. They are not purely opaque, but they can help block the view and have the vibe of nature, which pleasing to both you and your dog’s eyes.
  • Redundant fences. This may be over the top, but if you have a lot of dogs in the house, you might want to consider building a fence within a fence. If you have an existing chain wire fencing surrounding your backyard already, why don’t you spice things up and put a new fence that is made of wood or bamboos? However you want to put, you should reconsider putting up double fences around the house for a safer housing for your pets.

Chain wire fencing can help improve the over-all dog experience, both for yourself and your neighbourhood. Its versatility and availability makes it a very good choice for building a safer place for your pooches. You can be secured in knowing that your pet safely stays within the confines of your property while still giving him space to play around and be comfortable. Your neighbours will also feel more secure as it can prevent incidents and you can always rely on this material to keep what is inside in, and what is outside out!


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