There was a young property owner getting ready to make some improvements to his lot. The lot was bare but located on a busy thoroughfare. Therefore, he knew that he needed to think about the security of the site before even breaking ground for a structure.

This gentleman considered himself to be rather handy. He intended to do as much of the work as he could by himself, with the aid of a younger relative. Feeling that people were essentially honest, surely a simple chain wire fence would be sufficient to keep his tools and materials safe on the site. He went to the building supply store, ordered what he thought he needed, and early the next morning the materials were delivered to the site.

He and his assistant began early and worked diligently through the heat of the day. The corner posts were set firmly, the line posts were neatly aligned between them. Top rails fit neatly into place, and finally it was time to stretch the chain wire fabric to complete the project. The hardware fit nicely onto the posts, the fabric had been measured perfectly, and just as the sun was approaching the horizon the last piece of the fencing project was put into place. As our lot owner stood back to admire the job he realized that he was on the outside of the fence while his assistant was stuck on the inside.

In his hurry to get the fence up, he had forgotten to put in a gate!


Fences serve two basic purposes. They either keep something in a space, or they keep something else from getting in. The two purposes can be combined, but every fence is going to need a gate to allow traffic from one side of the fence to the other.

Chain-Wire Fencing keeps common sized gates in stock, ranging from 1 meter single gates to 6 meter doubles. We can also construct custom sizes for any fencing and access need.

Our experienced custom installers will ensure that your gates will be properly installed, providing years of secure and trouble free operation. Various locking mechanisms may be installed according to the security needs of your yard.

Sliding gates for vehicle access are a specialty application, and Chain-Wire Fencing can provide your project with manually operated or powered gates. Powered gates are gaining favour for both their convenience and added security.

Powered gates may be operated locally or remotely from a guard shack. Other options include key-cards or keypad controls. These have the advantage of being operable by the vehicle driver as he pulls up to the gate. A card reader or keypad is usually needed on both the inside and outside of the gate to allow both access and egress from the secured facility.


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