Fencing Ideas for Pet Owners

Fencing Ideas for Pet Owners

Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe and Secure Within Your Grounds

When your dog attempts to escape, it could be a sign of boredom or lack of exercise – more playtime, dog sports, dog training, and lots of interaction with humans can help fix most behavioural problems – but to keep them safe during physical activity, the yard must be escape-proof; otherwise, a clever pooch may simply take up another behaviour to replace his Houdini antics.

What are the best options for pet fencing in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley? Let’s have a look, to guide you in the right direction:

Types of Dog Fences

Types of Dog Fences

Fencing does not have to be expensive be escape-proof, there are plenty of design options for the budget-conscious pet owner.


One of the most effective ways to secure pets is to install a rollbar over the fence. When pets attempt to jump on the fence, the PVC pipe will roll and cause them to slip back into the yard. However, the main problem with this type of fence is maintenance, as the bar should always be well-oiled to roll efficiently.

Concrete Border

For those with pets that love digging under the fence, consider pouring concrete around the fence line to create a border. Alternatively, bordering the fence line with large stones could also fill the holes that the dog is digging.

Lean or Angled Brackets

Install brackets on top of the fence at a 45-degree angle. Then, fix chain fencing to these brackets for additional covering when the dog tries to jump.

Invisible Electric Signal

Install an invisible wire underground and mark it with flags to serve as a visual barrier for pets. When they get too close to the flag, a short beep will alert them to stop. If they continue towards the flag, their dog collar will emit a small static zap to correct them. These types of fences are only allowed in the ACT, NSW and SA.

When facing dog fencing problems, try to figure out why the dog keeps jumping over the fence. If he gets too excited seeing another dog or people passing by, build a solid fence with bamboo or similar materials. Another solution is to create a large dog pen with a roof.

Creative, Fun, Pet-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Creative, Fun, Pet-Friendly Backyard Ideas

Pet fencing designs do not always have to be dull and boring panels of wood or chains of wire. With a bit of creativity, the backyard can turn into their favourite spot that should distract them from trying to go outside. Here are some cool backyard ideas for homeowners with pets.

1. Glass Dome Peephole

Cut out a hole in the fence and install a glass dome to provide pets with a view of the outside. Peeping through the glass should keep them busy while you are away and minimise breakouts or digging under the fence.

2. Turn the Patio into A Catio.

Building a catio provides cats with a safe outdoor space to enjoy the sun while watching the birds. Install cat perches, ramps, and catwalks along with feline-friendly plants, such as catnip and lemongrass, so they have their very own playground.

3. Rabbit Run

Letting rabbits freely roam in the backyard may not be safe, which is why an outdoor hutch is always a good idea, provided your space permits. Even better, expand their domain by adding some dog fencing around the hutch to keep them safe inside the enclosure.

4. Fence Window

When dogs are confined behind the fence, they may feel stressed and anxious. One way to open up their surroundings is to add a grilled pet window so they can watch the outside while staying safe inside.

5. Screened Catwalk

Cats love to prowl on top of the fence and explore the perimeter and they can do this safely by building a screened catwalk on top of the fence.

6. Pet fence ground barrier

Dogs will keep digging when they are restless inside the yard or when they hear something outside that excites them. To stop escape attempts, drive a metal stake barrier into the ground to secure the base of the fence.

Pet Fencing Safety Tips

Pet Fencing Safety Tips

A  trusted fencing expert such as Chainwire Fencing Specialist will offer solutions for keeping pets in and keeping pests out. However, our fences can be even more effective by following these pet safety tips.

Tip 1: Install A Base Barrier

If the dogs keep running off onto the street or the neighbour’s yard, try installing chicken wire along the base of your fence to discourage them from digging further. Another common but costly practice is building a concrete plinth underneath all the runs and gates of the dog fence to prevent dogs from digging out.

Tip 2: Place Obstacles Around the Fence

Place large stones or plants near the bottom of your fence to prevent dogs from digging and escaping. Make sure that these obstacles are embedded in the ground and cannot be easily dislodged.

Tip 3: Build A Fence That Is Tall Enough

If intruders climbing in are the main concern, build a Chainwire fence that is high enough to keep animals outside. Contacting the fencing specialists at Chainwire Fencing can ensure the installation of a fence that meet these requirements.

Tip 4: Add Beams to Make the Fence Harder to Climb

In addition to standard diamond Chainwire fencing, vertical beams can help improve yard security. Galvanised fences with several vertical beams are much harder to climb for both fauna and human intruders – perfect for residential and commercial property owners.

Trust Chainwire Fencing to Keep Your Pets Safe

Pet enclosures are commonly set up using Chainwire fencing because it is durable and economical. Chainwire installed on top of a dog fence also helps to ensure your pets don’t escape.

If you are looking for a pet enclosure system, dog panels, dog kennels, dog runs, or other animal fencing solutions, Chainwire Fencing Specialist is your trusted partner.

With over two decades of professional experience, Chainwire Fencing employs experts who are fully trained, competent and hold all relevant insurances for fencing. From small backyard jobs to construction, railway lines, mines, power stations, and military bases, we conduct the work in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

Ask for a quote by calling 02 4023 5416 or sending an email to admin@chainwire-fencing.com. Let Chainwire Fencing safely fence your yard for your furry ones. Alternatively, fill in our contact form by clicking here, and let’s discuss your options, before your pets escape and go running down the road!


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