Most Efficient and Economical Security Fencing

It is now more important than ever to install security fencing protecting one’s property. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, there are nearly 15,000 robbery victims per year. In addition, property crime is occurring at much higher rates than most other crimes. These figures include intrusions into private and commercial properties. With such startling figures, one must take heightened precautions to protect themselves, their possessions, and their property. There are many ways to increase a property’s security, such as alarm systems and cameras. While these are convenient measures of protection, these systems still give an intruder the opportunity to enter the premises. There is no reason that an intruder should even have such a chance, and luckily, prevention is easy through installing high security fencing.

What is High Security Fencing?

High security fencing is an optimal security measure that prevents an intruder from gaining access to either a private or a commercial property. High security fencing is constructed with steel, aluminum, or wrought iron. Each of these materials has its own individual benefits. In addition to providing a property with safety and protection, security fencing can also be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

Why is Security Fencing Necessary?

While properties may have a alarms or security cameras installed, these systems simply alert when a trespasser has already infiltrated the property. They do not protect from the homeowner from robbery or worse crimes. Unlike regular fencing, Security Fencing protects against criminal activity by giving the owner more control over their property perimeter, while also deterring criminals the security fencing is also a very low maintenance. The smart and savvy homeowner who installs high security fencing gains a return on their investment; check with your property insurance as the fencing may lower your rates.

Types of Security Fencing

Aluminum is a flexible metal, a low-density material, it is corrosion resistant, and light weight. This type of fencing can offer your property good protection, due to its malleability and economic benefits but aluminum fencing does not offer the aesthetic benefits that other fencing offers.

Steel Fencing

The most useful type of fencing in terms of security is steel fencing. Steel is an alloy of iron with a small amount of carbon added. This type of fencing has unparalleled strength to its counterparts; forever rust free, it can be molded to create an ornate look, coated through galvanization, and lastly, it is extremely functional and longevity. It is almost maintenance free and offers excellent protection through any type of situation and weather.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is slightly more expensive and requires paint upkeep. With an aesthetic look, you can’t beat the strength and durability of steel and it many designs. The ideal design for anyone’s top security needs is what is called “Press Form Steel Top Fencing.”

Press Form Steel Top Fencing

Press form steel top fencing has increased benefits. While press form tops have standard heights: 1.8m, 2.1m, and 2.4 meters, the height is adjustable. Press Form fencing height deters potential intruders by its spear top design; it signals would be invaders that it is a formidable barrier. The bars, placed close together, prevent anyone from venturing between the bars. Research shows that press form steel top fencing is responsible for a 95% decrease in homeowner property crime.

Reserving Your Security Fencing is Easy

Are you ready to consider security fencing? Enquire about your security fencing reservation by Walters Fencing Specialists. Walter’s technicians will contact you regarding your preferences after you submit the contact form.

If you haven’t decided on the specifics of your fence just yet, we can help you choose the perfect fencing for your property. Chainwire Fencing Newcastle will assist you in recommended height, design, color, and quantity of security fence.


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