Chainwire Dog Run


If Pup is part of the family, then congratulations and you are going to need something new, a chainwire dog run. Bringing a dog into your family is a rewarding and fun undertaking. Many parents feel that their kids lives just would not be complete without canine companionship.

It is amusing how many times the family decides to get a dog “for the kids”, but the pup decides to bond with Mum or Dad. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, unless the kid gets jealous. There are probably lessons to be learned in that situation as well.


There are some important considerations when you bring Pup into the family. The time to think about them should be before Pup arrives, but all too often it won’t be. One of the biggest is Where is Pup going to live? Your kids may have their own bedrooms, but you can’t really dedicate a room to a dog. Pup can’t really share a room with the kids, either. Depending upon the family and the dog, Pup may be welcome in the house, but leaving him unsupervised for long periods is trouble waiting to happen.

If you have a well fenced yard, Pup may be able to live outside when the family isn’t home. However, dogs can be unintentionally destructive, even if is it just a path worn along the fence. The best solution is a dedicated dog yard or dog run.

This is simply a space defined by a chainwire fence where the dog gets to be a dog. Chainwire is a terrific option. It is relatively inexpensive but durable, and allows fresh breezes to blow. Best of all, it is open enough that the family can see Pup, and he can see them.

There are prefabricated dog runs available, formed with chainwire panels, a gate, and connecting hardware. These are an inexpensive solution, but are often smaller than Pup will really be happy with, and may not be completely escape proof. Usually they do not provide a flooring option.


A permanent installation with can be made with as much room as you are willing to give to Pup, and if digging is a problem, can be made escape proof with buried fencing or boards. Cement flooring seems the obvious floor because you can add a slope for drainage. However, the raw cement can be hard on Pup’s feet. Gravel ground cover is a better solution. It is not hard to clean, it drains well, and the uneven surface helps to strengthen Pup’s feet. Plain grass will turn to dirt in no time, and dirt to mud, and the mud will come into the house when Pup comes inside. Be sure to provide shelter and shade for Pup. A dog house in not needed, but will give Pup a nice refuge. Some pre-fabricated chainwire dog runs include a canvas shade panel. If you use this option, ensure the panel has slope to drain, or it will hold water. At least, until you are standing right under it!


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