Benefits of a Swinging Bi-Fold Gate

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If you have limited space, the swinging bi-fold gate is your best option.

Innovations in fencing and gate solutions have brought about new ways to solve old problems. With property sizes getting smaller, the industry has come up with options that can help maximise space. New innovations, like the swinging bi-fold gate, reduce the anxiety of property owners concerning their living space and security.

What you need to know about the swinging bi-fold gate

The swinging bi-fold gate is designed specifically with the aim of maximising space on a property. At the same time, this type of gate was designed to reflect modern conveniences like automaticity. What makes it different from other gates? The swinging bi-fold gate has two leaves on each side which fold back out of the way in one direction. This reduces the space needed to operate the gate. Like many other gates, the bi-fold swing gate comes in a wide range of styles and colours.

Benefits of a bi-fold swing gate

With the plethora of options available to the modern homeowner, finding the right type of gate for your needs can be a struggle. However, certain living conditions or space requirements might be leading you to opt for a bi-fold swing gate. The swinging bi-fold gate is perfect for inner city living, short and narrow driveways, units in apartment complexes, general workplace entrances, and garages or basement parking.

Here are several benefits that can help you decide.

1. Save space

When you are working with a limited or restricted space, you need to break away from the traditional. A standard double swing gate which would require a lot of space won’t be able to accommodate your needs. A roller or tilt door similarly won’t work for many garages.

The bi-fold swing gate’s main design point is conservation of space. Imagine if you’re dealing with a 4-metre opening but you only had one metre of area to allow for a swing. The bi-fold swing gate allows for four metres’ worth of gating to swing neatly into the one metre area. This gives more usable space to other things in your garage.

 2. Work in challenging settings

Aside from limited spaces in general, the bi-fold design is also perfect for:

  • Sloping drives that a standard swing gate would bottom out on
  • Curved and U-shaped driveways
  • Short driveways and narrow blocks

3. Easily automated

Most people don’t think of automated swing gates when considering limited or restricted spaces because of the lack of options. Now, the bi-fold swing gate has an intuitive design that is easily automated.

You can install surface-mounted operators on the rear of the gate leaf, or even underground if needed.

Easily Automated

4. Comes in a trackless system

One of the benefits of a bi-fold swinging gate system is that they can run trackless. This means that there’s no need to maintain tracks which can accumulate leaves and dirt. There is also no need to disturb garden soil or cement to lay down the tracks.

5. Runs faster

With the swinging bi-fold gate, you can open up your space or garage faster than with a standard swing or sliding gate, from 3 to 7 seconds. This quicker runtime makes it safer when it comes to vehicle entry and exit.

6. Quiet mechanisation

Unlike old automatic gates which can sometimes grate your ears when folding, bi-fold swing gates can open and close in a near-silent fashion. This makes it perfect for close neighbourhoods.

7. Adds security to your home

For many homeowners struggling to add security with limited space, the bi-fold swing gate is the answer. Like other gating systems, the bi-fold swing gate promises added safety, especially with its quick and automatic function. Finally, it complies with all safety requirements.

8. Comes in a variety of styles

Swinging bi-fold gates come in a variety of modern, traditional or contemporary designs. The gate can come with standard solid fill, or open fill, bar grill, spear top, timber and timber pickets, metal pickets, laser cut designs, scrolls, or wrought iron. You can request customisations for ornate designs in metal or wood, and for powder-coating in your colour of choice.

If this has piqued your interest in the many applications of a swinging bi-fold gate, contact a fencing specialist that you trust.


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