Amazing benefits of advertising on your chainwire fence

Amazing benefits of advertising on your chainwire fence

There is more to gain from installing a chainwire fence on your premises or construction site than just protection from trespassers and demarcation.

With advances in technology and constant demand from the advertising industry for better means of reaching out to potential customers, fencing systems have been pulled into the mix. Now individuals and companies with chainwire fences on their premises are picking up on the trend and mining its benefits.

All over Australia, different types of banner adverts are springing up on chainwire fences around construction sites, office buildings, and some homes, too. There is a reason why and it is obvious. Banner advertising on chainwire fences is a simple, effective and budget-friendly option for anyone looking to put a service/product out in public.

How does it work?

The whole process is quite easy. The advertising is done using ‘banners’, on which any form of branding content can be put. That covers logos, product images, and other types of informative and promotional wording.

The adverts can cover anything from a local service or product to a big event such as an upcoming concert or big store sale. Cable ties are used to attach the banner to the fence wires at regular intervals along the banner’s length.

You can have the banner placed all around the fence or on one specific part of the fence. The main objective is to have it viewed by anyone that passes by.

Types of banners

Depending on your service provider and other requirements such as budget, target audience, duration of advert etc, there are a number of banner options for you to choose from, as shown below.

Printed Shade Cloth

Known as fence mesh or scrim, printed shade cloth is one of the cheaper options available on the market. The wording, logos, and pictures are printed with ink onto the shade cloth, which is then attached to the chainwire fence.

The material is partly porous to allow air pass through it. Printed shade cloth has a lifespan of 12-24 months and works best with vibrant colors and bold wording.

Vinyl Banners

These banners are non-porous in nature and ideal for anyone looking to have high-quality printed images and wording that stands out. Also known as PVC banners, this material is used to make smaller sized banners for specific areas of the fence.

High print quality and a longer lifespan are some of this material’s best characteristics. Still porous but with fewer holes than shade cloth, this substrate can last as long as 2 years without fading.

Additional advantages include being easy to put up with cable ties, the ability to withstand strong winds and a high absorption capacity for ink that turns out bold imagery.

Amazing benefits of advertising on your chainwire fence - chainwire fence

What are the benefits of advertising on your chainwire fence?

Less cost involved

Using printed banner material is much cheaper than many other forms of advertising on more than one front. For starters, the materials used for advertising on chainwire fences, i.e. ink, cloth, and some substrates, are way cheaper than most other branding materials.

You also incur lower costs in putting up the banner as the fence is yours and it lies on your property. In any case, you won’t have to pay to rent the space at all. Aside from some local levies (check with your council for any that might apply), advertising on your chainwire is literally free.

Reaches out to a wider audience

Banner adverts can be placed along the whole length of a fence or on just a small section. Either way, these banners are seen by a lot of people. The commonest viewers are usually passers-by who are pulled in by the loud branding and enticed to learn more about the company behind it.

The advantage is that anyone can see banner adverts on chainwire fences as they do not require any form of media connection first, and stay in place for a long time.

It is more long lasting that many other forms of outdoor advertising

The average lifespan for any form of banner material is 12-24 months. That translates to more than a year of undisturbed advertising for your service or product. Most forms of outdoor advertising are prone to weather extremities, damage and physical degradation.

All these minimise their lifespan, allowing some to last less than 6 months. Fence advertising lowers that risk as its banners are made of strong materials that are designed to last.

An effective way of promoting a service

Most construction companies will cover their site fencing with banners that advertise their services and how to contact them. Similarly, fencing and security providers tend to place banners on fences to highlight their address and services.

Both scenarios are evidence of how effective advertising on your chainwire fence can be. Promoting a service as it is being carried out makes for a win-win situation; passers-by get to see the company in action in addition to viewing the advert.

How to get a banner installed on your property

Contact a professional service provider to get the banners installed on your fence. Most will have a variety of banner options for you to choose from at a successive range of prices.

Ideally, you should check out the service providers in your immediate locality online and request a free quote first. This should help you choose the one to go with.

Being legal all over Australia, advertising on chainwire fencing is now a very popular option among branding and marketing professionals everywhere.

If you have a chainwire fence installed on your property, consider this chance today. Reach out to a service provider and get your banner up in no time.


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