A Permanent Fence That Looks Permanent

A Permanent Fence That Looks Permanent

Obviously, we are huge fans of Chain-wire fence. It is a product with a lot of advantages. It is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, which we can pass on to our customers. The pieces are somewhat compact before installation, which helps to ease transport and installation. The installation is usually straight forward, and the flexibility of the product is a great help for difficult installations. Galvanised chain-wire fencing is a long lasting and durable product, and with modern powder-coating techniques, the fence can be even longer lasting and more attractive.

Which brings us to the one real fault of chain-wire fencing. Even with coloured powder-coating, the appearance of a chain-wire fence is not for everyone. All those little diamonds are easy to see through, but the diamonds themselves sometimes give the message of industrialism and temporariness. Most chain-wire installations are designed to last for decades, but they sometimes give the appearance that the facility they are protecting could be gone tomorrow, along with its unattractive fence.

Press formed wrought iron fence gives the opposite impression. This is the style of fencing we would expect to see around castles, government offices and hallowed institutions. Some of the other popular names for this type of fence are School Security Fencing or Diplomat Type Fencing. Without a doubt, this style of fence gives an impression of style, class, and permanence.


These are very reminiscent of the fences which were raised around many of London’s parks and gardens. Several of these fences were torn down in the late 1930s and 1940s to be replaced by chain-wire type fencing. This was a response to the need for metal during the War, and today many of the chain-wire installations are being torn down again to be replaced with a wrought iron style fence.

True wrought iron fencing is rarely available in today’s market. Wrought iron is handmade in the blacksmith’s shop. Our Press Formed Spear top fencing is manufactured in an industrial setting, using the latest welding and forming techniques. Best of all, the factory also uses the latest finishing techniques, not unlike those used in the automotive industry. This helps to ensure that your fencing will last for decades of exposure to every kind of weather.

2.1m high brentwood style , school security , press form spear top

School security fencing is available in standard heights of 1.8m, 2.1m, and 2.4m. It can be custom manufactured in any height you wish, and we can also have it custom built to suit sloped portions of your property. Schools in particular have noted increased security with this type of fence. While it would seem no more difficult to scale than chain-wire fencing, the spear-points along the top seems to dissuade attempts.

Most of all, it is an attractive addition to a property.


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