A Guide to Finding the Right Trolley for Your Establishment

A Guide to Finding the Right Trolley for Your Establishment

Some considerations when looking for the right trolleys for your business.

When managing any kind of establishment, efficiency should be one of your top priorities. Getting things done often involves moving things around, especially bulky, heavy materials that may also be fragile. To safely and easily transport equipment or materials, having a secure and dependable trolley is the way to go.

Why do we need trolleys?

Why do we need trolleys?

Trolleys can be used in various situations that involve different types of businesses—from warehouses, restaurants, shopping centres, to even hospitals. Since these establishments often need to move heavy equipment or bulk materials from one space to another, having trolleys can help make moving things easier, safer, and faster. Here are some more reasons to consider having trolleys.

  • It’s efficient.

Try to visualise this: a retail storeman needs to be able to quickly sort and organise goods in the stockroom. This is to make sure they’re always available should customers request new stock. Would it be easier and faster for them to do it while carrying the goods, or would it be more ideal for them to neatly pile up the goods on a trolley as they move things around?

The answer is quite obvious. When you use trolleys, your storeman will not only be able to do the job easier, but they will be faster and more efficient as well.

  • It’s safe.

Workplace injuries are unavoidable, but there are ways to minimise these when you use equipment like trolleys. With trolleys, workers won’t need to break their backs carrying heavy equipment from one place to the next. Instead, they’ll be able to just walk around and move materials simply by lightly pushing trolleys from one area to another.

  • Your items and equipment are more secure.

Your items and equipment are less likely to be damaged when you use trolleys to transport them. You can get trolleys with railings (which work well for restaurants and hospitals) to quickly move bulk items from one place to another. You can also get trolleys with drawers built into tiers. There are so many ways to customise your trolleys to make sure that your items will remain in place. It ultimately depends on what kind of establishment you work in and what type of work is required.

How to Choose the Trolley that Works Best For You

How to choose the trolley that works best for you

Trolleys are incredibly adaptable. They can be used in almost all types of establishments, and there are heaps of ways in which you can design each trolley. To know what kind of trolley you will need to get for your home, here are some of the top tips when choosing the trolley that will work best with you:

  • Determine what type of objects it will be used for.

Will you be storing cutlery and plates on your trolley, or will you be placing medical machines? You may need drawers for cutlery and plates in order to secure them. Alternatively, you may also need railings to prevent damaging medical equipment when transporting them from one room to another. Knowing the items for which you are going to use your trolley will help in determining the trolley design you need.Know where you are going to use your trolleys.

Are you going to use your trolley in a single-floor warehouse, or will you need to move items around in properties with multiple floors? Are there service elevators where you are located or are there only escalators available in your location? You should know the landscape of your establishment to see what type of trolleys are required for each space.

  • Identify how you are going to place your items.

Will you need to neatly sort the content of the trolley per category or can you just pile them on top of each other? You need to know how to organise the items in the trolley to determine the shape, features, and size of the trolley necessary for your work.

  • Decide whether you need your trolleys to be flexible and adaptable.

Some trolleys have an added feature of being adjustable in terms of width and height. This is to expand when merchandise is placed in bulk, or contract when it needs to be stored or used in tight spaces. When you have a flexible trolley, you will be able to use it for different applications and for heaps of purposes.

  • Will you use your trolley often?

If you use your trolley every day and place heavy machinery on it each time, you would need a trolley made with heavy-duty materials. However, if you’re only going to place lightweight item in bulk, you may not need to invest in a trolley similar to those used in warehouses.

The type of trolley you should get ultimately depends on the nuances tied to your nature of work. Study your work environment and try to imagine the requirements needed for each trolley. After that, you will be able to see the kind of trolley you will need and the number of trolleys you should get for your business.

Get Customisable Trolleys from Chainwire Fencing.

Get customisable trolleys from Chainwire Fencing.

By customising your own trolley, you will be able to have one that fits the purpose and nature of work related to your industry. It can be designed to fit the needs, of gerneal work required in retail, or can be used in servicing healthcare patients.

There are also various finishes to choose from when designing your own trolleys. You can get painted or powder-coated trolley, or one made from raw steel or aluminium, a brushed steel trolley, or a mirror-shine trolley.

Your trusted contractor can even suggest a combination of designs. Will it be a single level trolley or multi-tier trolley? Do you need to have railings or covers manufactured? What about drawers and other types of storage area?

Here at Chainwire Fencing Specialist, we can manufacture personalised trolleys to help your Newcastle and Hunter business remain efficient, safe for workers and secure for your trolley baggage. Call us today and let us start designing and manufacturing the perfect trolley for your business.


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