9 Reasons You Need Security Grilles in 2021

9 Reasons You Need Security Grilles in 2021

How residential and commercial properties can benefit from security grilles

How residential and commercial properties can benefit from security grilles

Good building design is essential in creating a safe living environment for the family, but there are a variety of additional features and components that can be installed to enhance the security of your home. Security grilles, for example, are a popular and affordable component that is helpful in deterring intruders.

Although there are some very technologically advanced options for home security on the market, many property owners choose to install security grilles in their residential and commercial properties, and there are some very good reasons for doing so.

Here are the top 9 reasons for installing security grilles:

  • Increased home security
  • Better home aesthetic
  • A variety of types and designs are available
  • Increased child safety
  • Lower summer energy consumption
  • Allows light and air flow
  • Provides protection against severe weather conditions
  • They are cost effective
  • Effective for both residential and commercial properties

1. Increased home security

Security is the primary reason for installing security grilles on windows. This is a top priority to many Newcastle and Hunter Valley homeowners because windows are among the most vulnerable parts of a property and statistics show that intruders frequently use windows as their entry point.

Windows made of glass are easily broken and even strong glass is at risk. The latches or locks fitted in most standard windows often have a low security rating, making it surprisingly easy for windows to be jimmied open and allowing intruders to enter a property quite easily, without making a great deal of noise.

Luckily, security grilles can help to address this concern, serving as a heavy-duty barrier between possible intruders and windows. Many of the better-quality security grilles on the market are made from iron or high-grade steel, making them extremely difficult to bend and almost impossible to destroy. When installed by security experts, they are effectively impenetrable.

2. Better home aesthetic

Many homeowners don’t want to install security grilles because they fear making their property look like a prison. While it’s true that some designs are not visually appealing, many designs are very aesthetically pleasing.

Customised security grilles can give a striking appearance, complementing the best features of a house and creating a welcoming ambience. A range of styles are available that can help achieve a contemporary look, and it is also possible to order custom made security grilles that are laser cut to produce distinct or elegant designs.

3. A variety of types and designs are available.

Unlike other security mechanisms that seem like a one-trick pony, there are several options for security grilles. There are two types in general: fixed and hinged grilles.

Fixed grilles

These are suitable for those who want to have a permanent security fix in their homes.

Hinged grilles

These are the lighter choice. Able to swing open when needed, they are ideal for those who want to use windows as fire exits in case of emergency.

4. Increased child safety

Security grilles are typically used as a deterrent, to keep people out of the premises. However, the safety of children depends on their career’s ability to keep them safely inside. This is a big concern, especially for those that live in apartments and multi-storey homes.

A child’s safety is at risk if windows overlook a big drop of at least one storey. Studies show that many children are seriously injured falling from windows every year.

Well-designed security grilles constructed of strong, solid materials can bear the weight of a child, helping prevent these incidents and injuries.

5. Lower summer energy consumption

Security grilles are not commonly considered an energy-saving home installation. However, some designs significantly reduce glare by blocking direct sunlight. This protects the room’s temperature from quickly rising, especially during summer.

In addition, security grilles will keep residents safe at any time of the day and night, helping them to maximize air flow while maintaining security. The ability to leave the windows open and benefit from the cooling effect of breezes allows residents to beat the heat without depending on the air conditioner. This can help to reduce energy consumption in the long run.

6. Enjoy natural air and natural light.

Aside from allowing natural air flow, modern security grilles are unobtrusive and slender enough to also permit homeowners to enjoy natural light and brighten up their home.

7. Protection against severe weather conditions

Just last March 2021, the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region experienced strong winds and wild weather that caused trees to fall and damage roofs, resulting in severe damage and power outages.

Security grilles can help save lives and property in these situations. They tend to shield windows and interiors from flying branches and can help to prevent or at least minimise the cost of repairing broken windows and paying for a professional cleaner.

8. They are cost effective

When considered in terms of the huge improvements that security grilles can make to the safety of a premises, they are surprisingly cost-effective. They are operated manually, which means that they have less-complex mechanisms compared to other types of electronic security devices or equipment.

This decreases the chances of having expensive breakdowns and removes the need for frequent and costly maintenance, unlike more technologically advanced security mechanisms.

9. Security grilles are also great for businesses.

Business owners can benefit greatly from security grilles as well. Aside from the protection they provide, they also give the following benefits:

  • Versatility

Security grilles are versatile enough to be installed in any area, including large display shop windows, server rooms, and reception areas.

  • Compliance with insurance requirements

Some insurance companies may also look at the security features of a business before granting an insurance policy. Security grilles can help a business comply with security requirements and may even reduce their insurance premiums.

  • Less occurrence of vandalism

Not only do security grilles protect a business owner from theft, but the property can also be spared from vandalism. A physical barrier between the walls and potential vandals will decrease the chances of a property in getting defaced.

Protect Your Family and Home with Security Grilles by Chainwire Fencing Specialist

Protect your family and home with security grilles by Chainwire Fencing Specialist

Installing security grilles on windows is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to protect a home or business property. While their strength alone may be enough to keep you safe, security grilles should be installed by a professional to maximise their function.

If you own a residential or commercial property in Newcastle or Hunter Valley, and you’d like to know more about protecting your premises with security grilles, call Chainwire Fencing Specialist (Walters Fencing) today on 02 4023 5416. We will customise security grilles to fit the structure and look of your residential or commercial property perfectly. Alternatively, fill out our contact form or send an email to admin@chainwire-fencing.com, and we will get back to you!


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