8 Commercial Uses for Custom Trolleys

8 Commercial Uses for Custom Trolleys

Custom trolleys have become a necessity in commercial and industrial establishments, and here’s why…

Trolleys are extremely useful, especially in commercial settings. The functional flexibility of trolleys makes them indispensable, especially customised trolleys that are altered in some way to suit a specific task or industry. Read on to find out more.

Where are Custom Trolleys Commonly Used

Where are Custom Trolleys Commonly Used?

Nearly every commercial facility can benefit from using trolleys and the trolleys’ specifications and finish will provide specialist uses in many industries, such as:

  • Salons, spas, and beauty bars
  • Catering and hospitality services
  • Technical services, construction sites, mechanical shops, and car repair services
  • Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities
  • Warehouses, commissaries, and storage facilities
  • Factories and production facilities
  • Groceries, supermarkets, and bazaars
  • Retail stores.

These are just some examples of places that may benefit from custom trolleys. But, in reality, pretty much every type of establishment can see some use out of these commercial trolleys.

8 Commercial Uses for Custom Trolleys

Trolleys are functional almost everywhere. They’re particularly needed in commercial establishments, though. The team here at Chainwire Fencing Specialist, based in Toronto, NSW, is a specialist manufacturer of trolleys and they have compiled this list of 8 of the most notable commercial uses of custom trolleys that establishments can benefit from (click on each one from the list below to find out more):

  • Restocking and replenishment
  • Organisational logistics
  • Shopping (of course!)
  • Branding
  • Deliveries
  • Storage space
  • Food and beverage sales
  • Showcasing products.
Restocking and replenishment

1. Restocking and replenishment

Stocking or moving heavy or bulky items is challenging and potentially dangerous. As such, it helps to have a good range of trolleys available to make tasks easier.

Having trolleys with different specifications in warehouses, retail stores, supermarkets, groceries, and storage facilities ensures that items of any size, shape, and make can readily get stocked. For example, it would greatly benefit a warehouse to have trolleys of different sizes or builds. Again, this is to make sure that any type of item, no matter the size or weight, is easily transported.

Organisational logistics

2. Organisational logistics

Some types of trolleys are also excellent for organising items, especially in commercial spaces where there is a lot of movement involved. It helps to have a trolley dedicated to different categories of items. This prevents cluttering while making sure that the items are easily accessible based on use or category.

In a salon, for example, having a trolley dedicated to different services would make things more organised. Salons can have one trolley for haircuts, another for hair colouring, another for perming or straightening, and so on. Doing this not only organises items but also makes workflow go much more smoothly.

Shopping of course

3. Shopping (of course!)

Traditional shopping trolleys work well in supermarkets and groceries. However, not all businesses require shopping trolleys of the usual size or build. Why not have the trolley customised to suit the type of items sold by the business?

For example, a gardening or hardware store could have options between traditional shopping trolleys or custom flatbeds. A beauty retailer, on the other hand, could customise smaller trolleys with multiple compartments. Chainwire Fencing Specialist’s trolley department has many practical designs to choose from.


4. Branding

Many people don’t realise that customised trolleys also make for good advertising or marketing items. Merely having the company name or logo on it works excellently, too.

Better yet, think of the customised trolley as a possible addition to the company’s corporate stationery. Stamp it with the company name and logo and design to reflect the features of the company’s other items.

Imagine this – a simple custom trolley that bears the brand’s name and signature colours. A well-crafted customised trolley that’s recognisable can help audiences recall or recognise the brand better through passive exposure.


5. Deliveries

Item delivery is one of the most common uses of trolleys in many commercial establishments. This makes total sense as trolleys are an ideal way of item transport. This is ordinarily seen in aeroplanes and restaurants, for example.

Other establishments also incorporate custom trolleys for delivery use quite effectively. For example, groceries and supermarkets have customers use traditional shopping trolleys within the store. For delivering purchased items to their cars from the store, customers can then use specialised platform trolleys. Flatbeds are also an option for bulkier items.

Item delivery is an essential trolley function. As long as the establishment handles physical items of any kind, there’s a customised trolley that will suit the business well.

Storage space

6. Storage space

For commercial establishments that don’t have much space for storing items, customised trolleys make good storage. Using trolleys for this purpose not only saves space but also allows categorisation while keeping mobility high.

A custom stacked trolley, for example, allows multiple levels of storage to deposit items in. In addition, the capacity of the stored items to be mobile is useful, allowing easy access to pretty much anywhere in the commercial establishment. Click here to find out more about trolley types.

Food and beverage sales

7. Food and beverage sales

It’s common to see food and beverage trolleys in aeroplanes, trains, restaurants, and bars. These are already the trolley’s customary uses in these establishments.

However, why not take it a step further by customising these trolleys for even more uses? All it takes is to think of the possible purpose of the trolley and the design that would fit it well.

For example, a trolley with a flattened upper surface would suit restaurants that allow diners to watch the food preparation process. A suitable trolley for bars, on the other hand, would involve a custom mixing station for beverages.

Showcasing products

8. Showcasing products

Customised trolleys are also excellent for showcasing products. Establishments that want high mobility for their items could customise trolleys for this purpose. Some options for these types of trolleys include flattened surfaces, glass walls, casings, protective railings, and so on. The finish is also important. Trolly finishes can be any of the following:

  • Powder finish
  • Steel or aluminium finish
  • Painted metal or plastic
  • Mirror shine finish
  • Brushed metal
  • Coated steel or aluminium.

Some establishments may prefer one finish over the other, so it’s best to take note of the function when customising the trolley’s finish.

Customise Trolleys for Your Commercial Establishment

As we have seen, custom trolleys are flexible, making them a necessity in any commercial establishment. If you want to improve your commercial productivity, safety and organisation, we recommend using custom trolleys.

That said, make sure you get in contact with an experienced company to make the trolleys for you. Chainwire Fencing Specialist has been working with metals for over two decades now. You can learn more about us by clicking here or call us on 02 4023 5416 for enquiries. Alternatively, please feel free to email us at admin@chainwire-fencing.com or click here to send us an online message, and we will contact you right back.


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