The Role of Chainwire Fencing in Enhancing the Security of Your Property

The Role of Chainwire Fencing in Enhancing the Security of Your Property

Tough and durable, chainwire fencing is the ideal fencing solution in NSW.

There are many reasons why people install fences – they block outside noise, protect kids and pets, keep the inside private, and enhance landscaping. Still, the most important and often forgotten benefit of installing a fence is security.
If you have yet to decide whether to install fencing or not, then you’re on the right page. In this article, we write about how chainwire fencing can enhance property security.

What to Consider When Choosing the Type of Fencing?

What to Consider When Choosing the Type of Fencing?

If the security of your property is a concern, here are four things you should consider as you look for the right type of fencing.

1. Level of security threat

What do you want from your security fence? Are you looking to stop people from trespassing? Scare away potential intruders? Prevent vandalism?

The threat level in a private home is quite different from that of a building on a busy road, so carefully assess your needs before choosing a security fence.

2. Level of privacy

Choosing a fence based on the level of privacy you want to protect or allow can be tricky. On one hand, a solid fence with high walls can keep those peering eyes away from your property. But it can also make you a target, creating places for intruders to hide.

If you want to see who’s lurking around, installing a chainwire fence is an excellent choice to reduce hiding places and make your property less appealing to burglars.

3. No way to go over or crawl under

Install a fence that makes it difficult for intruders to climb or stray animals to dig under. Tall fences are also highly visible, so you can readily notice when someone’s trying to scale the fencing.

Keep the horizontal beams to a minimum so burglars don’t use them as a ladder to get over. To make sure no one even attempts to climb, install spikes or barbwire on top of your fence.

4. Make it foolproof

No matter how tall your fencing is, it will remain a security threat if it is easy to cut through or knock over. Therefore, ensure that your posts are dug at an appropriate depth for their height and secure them with concrete so it’s not easy to dislodge them from the ground.

Install foolproof locks on your gates and make sure chainwire fences are made of durable material and not easy to breach with wire cutters.

Why Secure Your Property with Chainwire Fencing?

Why Secure Your Property with Chainwire Fencing?

Are chainwire fences the best type of fencing for securing your property?

Here are six reasons we believe they are ideal.

1. Chainwire fencing does not obstruct your view.

If privacy is not too much of a concern, then a chainwire fence is a great security measure for your property. It keeps unwelcome guests and stray animals away while preventing kids and pets from running to the street.

And because of its perimeter visibility, chainwire fencing allows you and your security cameras to see who’s on the prowl outside the fence.

2. Chainwire fences are tough and durable.

Chainwire fences do not easily bend. As a result, they can withstand harsh elements such as rain, snow, sun, and wind. If they bend, you can stretch them back to shape.

3. ‍Chainwire fencing is customisable to your security needs.

The type of chainwire you will choose depends on the purpose of your fence. A thicker wire gauge is more resilient. The thicker the wire, the lower the gauge.

  • For fencing livestock: 12-gauge wire
  • For fencing an orchard: 14-gauge wire
  • For fencing pets: 16-gauge wire

You can choose thinner wires if you are installing a fence to keep small critters out. Since metal wires are vulnerable to rust, you can choose a wire type that is corrosion-free such as stainless steel, galvanised, or aluminium.

Sometimes, the sight of a chainwire fence is not enough to deter burglars – or wandering animals – from breaking in. One way to add another layer of security to your fence is to supercharge it. But before you attempt to do this, be sure to consult your local laws, as electric fences can be a risk to public safety.

‍Electric fence chargers typically emit a single pulse of at least 3kV at 30A. That should be enough to make an intruder jump away. However, if the person or animal cannot get away from the fence after the initial shock, such prolonged contact could lead to serious injury.‍

4. Chainwire fences are easy to install.

Chain links are constructed in the factory so they arrive at your property premade. Your fencing installer will handle everything from digging the foundation to connecting your fence to the posts and attaching locks and other accessories.

An experienced fencing professional can complete the installation in a day or two.

5. Chainwire fencing requires little maintenance.

Unlike solid fences, chain links have a small surface area, so there is little to clean. To remove dirt and debris, just scrub the mesh wires with a steel brush every now and then.

If you notice a little rust, painting or repainting the chainwire fence can be done. Black or any dark colour would look nice, and you can easily hide those imperfections with a paintbrush or spray can.

6. Chainwire fencing is cheap.

You have seen chainwire fencing all over New South Wales, securing large properties such as parking lots, sports fields, school playgrounds, and hospital grounds. If you need fencing for a wide area, a highly inexpensive chainwire fence is your best bet.

Talk to a Chainwire Fencing Specialist Today

Talk to a Chainwire Fencing Specialist Today

Whether you are protecting a home or commercial property, Chainwire Fencing Specialist can help you find a fencing solution that meets your security needs.

Our team of fence fabricators and installers has years of experience serving NSW customers. We have installed thousands of kilometres of chainwire fencing all over the state, particularly in industrial sites, mines, subdivisions, and highways across Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley.

With several build-and-install options, our team can help enclose your property. Choose from simple chainwire fencing to customised industrial or commercial fencing with high-security entry gates. Call us today on 02 4023 5416 for enquiries.


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